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  1. Ah I see. Yes, the interface plug between the computer and the LOR controller. I do have an RGB tree that plugs directly into my computer without the RS485 adapter. I see what you're saying....thanks.
  2. Well, your post just confused me more! 😉 I don't know the difference between the two.
  3. I already use 9 LOR contollers to run my light show, just trying to figure out how and where I need to plug the RGB controllers into the system.
  4. So those kits come with everything you need, and each one is 200 lights, so 4 strings of 50? 2 strings (100 bulbs) can be hooked together for about 50' of lights, and each set of 2, plugs into one port on the controller. So you can't go 100', you have to go 50' in opposite directions from the center controller? Then the controller gets an ethernet cable that daisy chains into a LOR controller?
  5. Sorry, don't know what a PSU is. It looks like on the controller it has an ethernet hub to plug the lights in? But the lights look like they have some kind of 3 prong plug???
  6. Oh, I see! But the 2 output controller is on sale for $50. The 16 is only $90. To run 12 strings, I'd need 3 of the 2 output controllers, so that would be $150. I'm still confused as to what type of power cord you need to run from the lights themselves to the controller, and do the lights come with that cord? Does it come in different lengths?
  7. So if I get say 12 strings of the WS2811 pixels, and one of the pixel controllers, is that all I need? Do the lights come with the cord that goes from the pixels to the controller or do I have to buy that separately as well?
  8. Ah, that would be an interesting solution, albeit a pricey waste of lights! Thanks!
  9. Ah thanks. That's good for the long runs, but what would you do to go around a window that say needs 15'? Do you cut them and then that gets it's own power and data cable? Here's a (bad) photo of my house...I have others somewhere. I outline the whole roofline, go across the gutter at the bottom of the roof, go across the top of the bricks mid-house and around the windows. I'm not sure how to get all those separate sections.
  10. I've been using LOR for years with just regular lights. I have one RBG Christmas tree that just gives me lots of problems. BUT, I would like to convert the lights that outline my whole house to RGB. Right now I have 5 strands of red, green, blue, white and multi lights twisted together that I outline my whole house with. It not only takes up a lot of channels, it's cumbersome. I know I can replace that with RGB, I just don't know what to buy and need recommendations. I'm also concerned as I know they come in fairly short lengths that somehow have to be hooked together. I'm wondering how I
  11. I don't know. I did major changes in my display this year so my sequences all have to be redone. I use the Hardware app to help me set up the lights and getting them plugged into the right sockets. I've never had trouble with it before.
  12. So I'm setting up all my controllers for Christmas, and while in the Hardware program, when it searches for the controllers, all but one is coming up "unknown device." I've had these controllers for a number of years, do I need to do a firmware update on them? I'm using LOR 3.12.4 and Windows 10.
  13. That worked! Thanks so much! I was so nervous I had spent hours designing a song and it would all be lost. I really love how simple SuperStar is!
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