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  1. cannot find files for the previews that i made. anyone know what the preview files are called and or know where they would be located so i can import them. also i was wondering how to add an actual channel to my S5 preview not a motion effects channel. Basically i am importing old S4 lms into S5 but want to add 4 new a/c channels to the viz (preview)
  2. ok so i just talk with lor help desk. they confirmed that gen 1 and 2 are no go. but gen 3 can in fact do enhanced mode just updated from verion 1.06 to 1.11 now everything works even at 500k and with motion effects in S5 thanks everybody for your help.
  3. ok it looks like i got it. you guys were dead on the network was in enhanced mode. turns out with all my switching around of computers and writting sequences in S5 which uses motion effects. i got all turned around and was not realizing it. what threw me was some of my boxes were working. maybe because they are newer or have more up to date firmware. anyone know if that could be true of all my boxes with updates. i would really like to use motion effects for my a/c display if at all possible. anyway thanks everybody this S5 upgrade has been a heck of a time. but i think it will be worth it in the end.
  4. it has to be something with the preview (i.e visulizer) maybe there is another setting i have to set for S5 to see those lor controllers they are the CTB16PCG3 I also have them chained 5 is first from computer then 4,2,3,1 but i dont think that matters after you set the unit id's
  5. i have tried it with enhanced at 500k and just standard. same problem exist either way
  6. When i plug my rs485 into my S5 laptop units 2 and 3 do not output. however when plugged into my old show computer with last years S4 and old shows all 5 work properly. i tried making a new preview in S5 creating 5 lor units 1-5 using the add A lightorama device(Ac controller,cosmic,pixi,pixcon,flood,ect.) option. Then writing a quick program and copy paste all channels to shimmer. even that has unit 2 and 3 not outputing. does anyone know what it is that i am missing.
  7. hi, i am a first year with S5. i am making a matrix this year anywhere between 12x50 or larger not sure yet. anyway I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share any Halloween or Xmas props,gifs,picts,videos that i can use in S5 to start making sequences. or if anyone has any 12x50 sequences that the would be willing to share would be awesome. thanks in advanced.
  8. For me, it just seems like this program does so much more than i can imagine. all my shows in s4 i made using SS instant. now i am doing more pixel work and S5 is the way to go. it is like having a 500 page book and i can only read a page a day. but i really only wanna read the S5 guide for dummies. anyone know where i can find that yellow book LOL.
  9. how would you add the second effect row that is where i am going wrong
  10. . i am having a tough time with the change over so i appreiciate your help and i know i have alot more questions to ask. so thanks guys
  11. so i am brand new to s5 and need help. i made a SS motion effect on a 12x50 matrix that i have in a 1 row veiw in my preview. it is 2 min long and i want to add a train in the first 38 seconds of the effect. i also want it to be snowing in the scene. i was able to get it to work, however when i add the snow by using motion effects and try and copy paste it in. it moves the 2min of the SS effect scene to the right instead of it erasing i have tried erasing it as well but that does not work. i am wondering if there is a way to add a motion effect to a SS effect at same time. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. thank you. i got it now. i have one issue left. in my confusion i started making a SS effect sequence for my matrix in S5 and somehow i shortened the length of the song to 2:20 when song is 3:40. does anyone know if and how I can extend the length of the SS effect back to 3:40 i have tried copy and pasting a full length sequence in. However when i go back into the SS effect it still stops at 2:20
  13. thankyou but that left out the first part, how to add multiple dmx channels and assign channels i know how to do in s4 not s5
  14. need help. in s4 i was able to have to programs open in SE at one time. I then was able to add a new channel to sequence 1 then go to sequence 2 copy said channel and then paste to sequence 1 . is this feature still possible and if so how. also my end goal is i have a preview made in s5 that has a 12x50 matrix in it that is set to a sequence i made in s5. i want to bring in a new sequence same song but a matrix to its preview i.e. i want to add matrix and channels to the s4 sequence. so to be clear i made a sequnce in s5 with a 12x50 matrix and i want to add matrix to an s4 sequence i made last year. is this possible and can anyone point me in the right direction. any help would be greatly appreciated
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