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  1. I use At Home for many of my LED strings. They have done a nice job of having (most) of them year after year. Gremlins messed up some of my strings this year and they still had in stock
  2. I have 8 arches, 5 feet apart, that run on channels 1-8 of controller 2 4 foot of 1/2 inch rebar driven 2 feet into the ground on each side, and 3 sections of 1 inch pvc held together with 2 connector fittings. I don’t glue them together, tension seems to keep them in place. For the lights I have a 33 foot string wrapped around the post, held in place by 5-6 zip ties as you cross the span. Takes about 90-120 minutes to set them up, total. I build the arch and then wrap the lights around a base about 25 times, then spread the string across the arch. Currently using g40 lights from sams cl
  3. Even if I take the advice to stay on S4, I can’t run my pixel tree/star with the old sequences. I guess I can run the old stuff off the computer and use the tree/star with my mini director and have it show effects not tied to the music and other controllers. But that’s no fun!
  4. I’m moving from S4 to S5 and adding pixels this year. Just finished building the bullet strips and starting to build my preview. Just have some thoughts that keep cropping up on sequencing... I have about 12 sequences I’ve used the past few years. A couple I did myself, some I bought from the sequence store at LOR. I bought both versions from the sequence store: some I can change, some I can’t. None of these have the pixels that I am adding, a 16 x 50 tree with a 270 pixels boscoyo star. While I can’t change the sequences that are locked from the sequence store, I’m wondering if I
  5. Hey that’s a mighty nice offer, I’d like that! I’m at Matt.golden@sbcglobal.net thanks!
  6. Pixel Newby questions! I picked up the boscoyo chroma star 36, 270 pixel prop and have a question on what pixie I need to use. My plan is to build a 16 strip tree and top with the star. As of now, i have the pixie 16 and a pixie 2 Can I run 150 and 120 on each of the pixie two channels? Or is 100 the limit on each string? I’ve seen in the hardware utility where the string length can be changed and I think 170 was an option also, I have the advanced license and I’m on s5. Is this prop already built in the system? So much to learn and so little time, open to suggestions!
  7. I also picked up a CCP II and while it came with a user manual, it may as well be in a foreign language! First, it came with a black jumper (I think) taped to the outside, but with no instruction on what it is for, or even if its supposed to be used or just a spare. LOR REALLY NEEDS a glossary or terms page...something to explain all the udacs and new words we are going to be using (can only imagine how many "stupid' questions that would be eliminated!) For instance....HU....no clue what that is! I think I have identified the dip switches. There are 8 in my Pixie2, the fir
  8. Thought about both suggestions, With as many pre-made, unchanggeable sequences that I use, I couldn’t copy that over to another unit ID. The distance I’d have to run 8-16 extension cords would be cost prohibitive.
  9. My suggestion is the At Home store if available in your area, especially when they drop prices to 50-75% off AFTER the holidays. Think ahead for next year, you don’t need to know exactly what you are doing with the lights, but buy a bunch and think in groups of 4. I think I added about 60-80 light strands, good quality extension cords (probably 20), 2 inflatables, led 2 foot tall ornaments.....all for about $200 after Christmas. They will make up my leaping arches this year and other options. I also got a 15 foot tall family of three polar bears from sams for about $40....down from $200.
  10. Thanks all. Here is a tweak on the original question. Can two controllers have the same unit ID? If I want to duplicate arches in completely different areas, can I have a unit 3 on the north side of my house and a second unit 3 on the east side? The reasoning is that it would be easier to set a second controller instead of splitting the original line off with extension cords and dragging them all thru the yard
  11. I think I’m going to add pixels too. I have mostly used the pre made sequences on the LOR site. Will I be able to add pixels to those sequences, or am I starting from scratch? I have used both styles of sequences, those you can change and those you can’t
  12. I’m looking for pixel bullets and comparing prices/reliability. New to the pixel game. Will the pixie 16 controller safely run the ray wu pixels? LOR rep replied to a question saying the pixie 16 would only work with LOR strings, but that didnt sound right to me . Additionally, I’ve noticed multiple Ray wu items that all seem to be the same.... also, how many strings can I run per line on the pixie? Assuming 100 bulb lines? Really not looking to do injection on them thanks!
  13. Thanks for the feedback fellas. I have so many existing LED light strings that I will keep using them and phase in pixels over time. I was hoping to get a pre-made LOR controller (pixie 16). Figured it was long term cost effective to get that....or is that overkill? Can I run a 12 or 16 string off a smaller controller? So many questions!
  14. Here is my pallet to paint on, and a look at where I left off last year. Hoping for complete new layout this year
  15. I definitely will build my own, I’m handy enough to do that. And I’ve got tools and time! More interested in effects and colors than in scrolling words. I wonder on a round tree if it’s not a good use of $$$ showing it on the back side. Our home is a drive past and watch show, not one where people will see all sides of it
  16. I’m really wanting to get into pixels this year, looking hard at all the options for pixel bullets. Now considering ribbons. I think I’m at a point where it’s “paralysis by analysis”! From your experiences, what’s the most cost effective way to go for a 10-12 foot tree with 16 strips....starting ground up with limited soldering ability. Thanks all
  17. Trooper if you are still being so generous I’d appreciate that too! No worries if you’ve moved on to other threads! matt.golden@sbcglobal.net
  18. For years I’ve used the little clips on the lights to connect to my gutter covers....or zip ties....and the lights are droopy and uneven. I want that professional, solid line look this year. Using C9 and C7 leds. Have a mix of ridge line and gutters to cover....along with a stretch of flat roof that has no gutter what do you all use for light clips to ridge lines, shingles, gutters? I’ve seen the canny system stuff, just wondering what you prefer. Thanks!
  19. Menards is where I’ve gotten most of mineleading up to Christmas, and the At Home Store when everything goes to 75% off after Christmas. I think I picked up 15-20 chords in January that are 12 feet but have three female outlets on the ends.
  20. Thanks Gris, Ducks. Much appreciated. I use all LED lights and never have more than 10-12 lines on a channel. I don’t know much about electricity, but from what I’ve read that seems to be acceptable. Will be at 32 channels this year for the first time, any suggestions are always appreciated
  21. I examined the delay issue I was seeing last year and traced it to the generic splitters I picked up at the dollar store. Will not be using them this year. Thanks for the feedback K6ccc
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