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  1. Yes, I have 5 left, with 1 or 2 pending sale.
  2. You can see the assembled arches forming a circle with the star inside it in this video:
  3. I'd like to sell the items in the attached image. The Star is about 8' high and wide and made from 3/8" rebar with reinforcements at the joints which allow hanging or staking. The arches (there are two) are about 5' high and 8' wide. A CCR will fit all around it with about 8" left over. The two arches can be assembled together making an 8' diameter circle. The arches were originally made to hang over a street, so are extremely robust. The frames are stripped of lights. Detailed photos available on request. If you want something super-sized in your display, these are just the thing. May be
  4. I have seven controllers for sale. Two were bought in 2008 and 5 in 2009. I used them 5 or 6 years and they've been in storage since 2014. They are in very good condition. They are the high power versions, complete with two input cords and enclosures. I bought the soldered kit and installed the LOR-supplied cables on my own. All the cables are labelled and push onto terminals. No soldering. I just tested them and all channels work fine. The FW is at version 4.32. I'll take $100 each or OBO plus shipping. If within 100 miles, I'll meet you halfway, taking all precautions. Pi
  5. Hi all, I am cleaning and testing my 7 controllers prior to listing them for sale. Is it advisable to upgrade to the latest firmware at this time? They are at 4.32 now. They were bought in 2008 and 2009. Any tips for verifying functionality? I'm using the Light-O-Rama Hardware v3.10.12 Advanced to connect to them and verify all circuits work when 100% On. I just don't have the energy anymore to setup all the lights. I do a smaller static display. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies. Bruce
  6. Thanks Don. My brain may have dropped a bit or two in the interim.
  7. I recollect that two years ago, when I ran my last show, the musical portion would run for <30 minutes, then the animation would fill the gap before the next show started every half-hour. This year, although my show setup is the same (animation sequence in animation tab, musical sequences in musical tab) the animation starts up in the beginning and runs concurrently with the musical portion. Needless to say, the results are less than stunning. I opened a ticket, but was hoping someone here could explain what I was doing wrong, or what changed since 2010. Thanks, Bruce
  8. Thanks Brian! I've been wondering what Native color meant. By the way, which version are you using there? I'm using V3.4.0, but my instant sequence control panel doesn't look like that one.
  9. Sadly, not only has my stickie request not been granted ( or "pinned" or whatever term you want to use ) but the links no longer work. Repeat after me: "Change is always good."
  10. Hi there, Getting up to speed on SS and CCR and found some great info on Instant Sequencing in these two posts: http://forums.lightorama.com/forum96/30155.html http://forums.lightorama.com/forum96/30477.html Can they be made into stickies for easy reference? Thanks to Brian and LOR for these products. It's taking me a while to get over the initial hump on the learning curve and it's stealing my joy and motivation. I watched the videos and read the online help, but it's still very difficult. I think it will improve over time, especially if the good info is made easier to locate.
  11. I was able to delay the starting point of the subsequence, by adding a new timing mark and turning the subsequence channel on a little later in time. Instead of turning it on right at the start, it's delayed about 0.17 seconds. I tweaked the turn-on time until the subsequence was synchronized with the music again. I am relieved to have found this simple workaround.
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