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  1. would like a copy if still sharing thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  2. If you are still sharing would love a copy as well would go go with our military section. Thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  3. Would love a copy as well thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  4. If still sharing would love a copy thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  5. I would like these as well. Thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  6. Does anyone have any 64 channel sequences they would like to share. Thanks
  7. would love a copy as well if your still sending thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  8. would like a copy as well thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  9. james i would like a 32 channel frozen sequence also thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  10. hello sarge could you send me the sequence to the trees i have two trees using 4 functions thanks anthonyspainting77@yahoo.com
  11. kaleb

    singing trees

    First year using LOR i am trying to sequence my singing trees to move with the music i tried the on--off function but it just doesn't look right i'm trying to see what needs to be done i'm doing the song Mary did you know by Jeremy Camp any help would be appreciated thanks.
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