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  1. Has anyone encountered acoustic noise from there led lights ? Apparently the GE C5 lights that i have are sending a noise through my electrical system in my house . I unpluged all the channels that have these lights and the noise goes away . I called GE and they say that the lights are not recommend to be dimmed just on and thats the only time i here the noise is when there dimming or flashing . Is there a fix for this ? or am i pulling them all down . Everything on my electrical end has ben check out and is fine
  2. Thank you everyone for the replies . All that stuff was done . outside meter was pulled off and check, all neturals were check , breakers check and moved around . last night my crock pot on warm was going to the music . I am thinking it might be this [ Dirty electricity is a form of electromagnetic pollution or radiation. It is also called electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electrical “noise.” It refers to powerful, high frequency electrical energy traveling along the wiring in buildings where only standard 60-Hertz AC electricity should be.] I don't know much about it .I do know if you Go
  3. First year with a 32 channel show runs great looks great . But the panel in my house 200 amp is humming to my lights outside . It makes my led high hats blink to the light to . Had a electrician come check everything out . Everything is tight all the breakers seem fine . It seem to be some kind of interfernce of some sort . Has anyone has have this problem and whats the fix ? I run all led lights on my house and only pulling 6 to 9 amps . I fix the high hat problem by replacing one bulb thats on a switch with a regular bulb and they stop blinking . But my panel is still humming away
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