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  1. Thanks, Jim. FYI...when I say ETC and gateway, it literally is called "ETC DMX/RDM Four-Port Gateway". It is not a typical network gateway you would find in an IT office. It is just the name they gave to their E1.31 to 5pin DMX conversion boxes. I believe the newer term they use now especially for their smaller 1 port units is called a Node. But as I said...these are just "product names". D
  2. Very odd. Maybe you could help explain why, in LOR, when you click on MULTICAST, you lose the ability to place an IP address into the software? I honestly must be missing something. Cause the moment I click MULTICAST, I lose the ability to say "hey, my gateway is". Basically, the software has no idea my gateway is that IP address cause its just blasting the signal to all devices at the same time hoping someone will listen. The whole point of Unicast is forcing the signal to once device and nothing else, hence placing a specific IP address into the software so it knows who to talk
  3. hahaha Thanks, Jim. However, just to be a realist about this...check out etcconnect.com and take a look at the “CRAP” you mentioned. Considering this company is the world leader in lighting consoles, fixtures, motion control, etc etc etc...and every theatre on Broadway and thousands around the world uses their gear, it is clearly not even close to CRAP. Oh, and I never said my ETC Gateway could not do DHCP addressing. But managing any decent network is done with STATIC addressing so you always know where something is. Even LOR does that with their ID numbers. I still appreciate your as
  4. Thanks, Orville. On this PC, I only have Windows Defender running. And making app exceptions for LORCommListener didn't improve the situation any. However... I was trying to prove more points and I went into xLights to see if I could get a single fixture to turn on in that software (since my ETC software works totally fine). Oddly enough, it didn't. So...I was looking at the settings in xLights and the only thing I had not yet tried related to the network was switching from UniCast (static IP address) to MultiCast. And F me...it worked!! So I went back to LOR and did the sa
  5. Hey Jim and JF, thanks for your assistance. So here's where I'm at now... 1) as suggested, I ping'd (see attached - I changed IP and router/switches back to the original system on the 1.x) - ping results perfectly normal 2) also tried TRACERT and the results were as expected...perfect 3) tried disabling all Windows Firewalls etc...no luck...no difference 4) tested ETC Nomad software in all of these configurations as well and that software/system continues to work fine for all DMX lighting regardless of IP address and network 5) The Comm Listener from S4
  6. Hey all, Does anyone know of a way to "unlicense" a PC so I can move the license to another PC? I know I can license up to 5 PC's on the software. But over the years, I have definitely been through 5 different laptops and PCs. In trying to solve the E1.31 output issue, I wanted to try a different machine but I have no "seats" left in my license. Is there any way to "unseat" a computer so I can use it on a different machine? Thanks in advance. Darren
  7. Hi all, This has been a 3 day battle so far and I still cannot solve it. So here goes... - Windows 10 Education (64bit) - 16GB memory - LOR S5 (v5.5.14) Advanced - LOR Controller on LOR USB 485 (working fine) - ETC Net3 4 port Gateway connected via Cat5E to separate lighting router (as suggested in documentation) and it is connected to the PC's network port. - Both gateway and PC are static IP addressed: + respectively Using the same PC with the same gateway connected exactly as mentioned above, I can run the ETC EOS Nomad lighting software (which
  8. Hey Jim, You are very correct. I did do something on purpose to try to solve my data issues I was having. With S5 installed on my D drive (in the program files folder etc) I was not able to get the output working properly. So I installed S4 again (after previously removing it) into its default C directory structure to see if it still worked (and it did). This is why I had both copies on the same machine. But since solving the DMX issue, I am back to just S5 on my D drive. And as I mentioned to Alan recently, I was only trying to copy data from the S5 to S4 timeline. Not open an
  9. Hi Alan, Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, I think you misunderstood what I had originally said...or I was not clear in what I said. I upgraded the software to S5 a few weeks ago. All my current sequences are in S4. I had already opened and saved all of them as S5 files (with backups of my S4 sequences). I had recently built the singing trees portion of a new song in S5 and wanted to test them with the actual gear. However, I could not get output from S5. I could only see them in Visualizer. So after many days trying to solve this problem, I gave up and wanted to go back
  10. Thanks, k6ccc When I downloaded it, I was not aware that it had changed as much as it had. Also found that I cannot copy data (light on, light off) from v5 and paste it into v4. Oddly enough, LOR does not obey typical copy/paste rules across various platforms. Normally, on any computer (windows or mac) you can copy something from lets say a word doc, and paste it into a powerpoint doc. But in LOR, it just doesn't understand that at all. And of course, the whole clipboard thing works so different in LOR. Anyway, back to my DMX issue. Turns out that after 3 days, I finally found out wh
  11. Hi all, Just upgraded my software to v5 the other day. But since then, I have not been able to get any of my fixtures to work. If I go back to a sequence in v4x, everything works fine. A few things to note: - CL is running - CP is running - all props and fixtures work fine in Visualizer (v4 and 5) Using a LOR network on a USB to 485 adapter as well as using 4 universes on an ETC Net3 sACN Gateway and a Chauvet DMX splitter. The DMX splitter shows data (green lights on all outputs) but nothing outputs to the lights when I use the v5 sequencer software. Thoughts?
  12. Hey Jerry, If you are willing, could you please send a copy of Linus' Meaning of Christmas to me? dwhales@gmail.com Thanks so much in advance. Darren
  13. Hey Sarge, I have been looking everywhere online for the "Linus tells the meaning of Christmas" sequence. Could I please have a copy? dwhales@gmail.com Thanks in advance, and happy holidays!
  14. Hey Sarge, Do you happen to have singing trees for "Christmas Time Is Here" (Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi)? Would really appreciate it if you did. Cheers Darren visionlighting@yahoo.com
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