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  1. I may do that or I'll just wait for it to be released as Mike said. I don't use stand alone on the Pixie's so that part doesn't bother me. In truth, the beta works just fine for what I do I just wanted to stir things up a little and give Mike something to respond to -Gary-
  2. Then I guess I'll have to stick with the beta version on the Pixie 4's but hope it's done soon as I WILL NOT run beta software for a show (for obvious reasons) -Gary- (who, by the way, helped with the beta)
  3. Just received my CCR-II ribbons with the Pixie2D controller and noticed it has the newest v1.03 firmware. The books with the kit included setup for the other Pixie controllers as well, so I know the firmware for them must be the same but I can find no newer version of firmware for them. I've got several Pixie-4 controllers and a Pixie-8 still with the beta software from last summer that I'd like to put the latest official version on but am unable to. Can anyone answer WHEN the v1.03 will be on the website firmware support page?? -Gary-
  4. Nah, JR, they probably got you blocked by now And actually, Mike and I have about the same amount of time, I came in at DOS 3.0 Oh those days of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT that today's youngsters will never see -Gary-
  5. JR, that's why the Time Warner people in tech support loved hearing from me when RoadRunner first came to my area. They loved talking with someone as computer literate as I was at the time cause I actually knew what they were asking Heck, I called so often with problems that they knew my voice and who I was as soon as I spoke I was lucky they didn't block me -Gary-
  6. One other thing that no one mentioned, and it's one I've run into, is using Windows 10 home. I've ALWAYS used the PRO version of every version of Windows since NT 4.0. Sometimes there subtle differences that can cause issue such as this. -Gary-
  7. Our display came down Thursday in the rain. Amazing how fast one can get a display down when there's a blizzard coming I think it took two days to get it up and three HOURS to get it down and put away in the trailer -Gary-
  8. The WAIT message means the show director is waiting for the start time programmed into your show that you placed on the SD card. Make sure you have your clock set properly. Pay attention to the LED in the lower right corner of the director display and have AM and PM set correctly. That LED dot will be ON for PM.
  9. An additional note to what Brian said... make sure the sequence and audio file paths are the same on both computers, normally located under c:\users\username\documents\light-o-rama. If the paths are different, you'll have to go through each sequence and, using the "Media File" option under the Edit menu, point the sequence to the current audio file location. -Gary-
  10. Using the hardware utility MP3 Tab and the show builder. Also using S4. During the write to SD card option, it asks if it's a G3 director. I checkmark that as it is. Next it asks for the number of ports. Since I run a single network, I select (1). If I remember right, this outputs Network 1 on both jacks. Am I correct? -Gary-
  11. That was about the idea I came up with too. 9 shows scheduled four a half hour each would handle the 5:30 to 10:00pm timeframe I was looking at. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. But each show can be only for a set period of time, not alternating as I want to do. And it'll almost do it except I need 11-12 shows to cover a 5pm til 10pm time frame.
  13. Both of the MP3 directors (the original and the G3) have the real time clock. That's exactly what I'm trying to do but from looking at the show creation functions of the hardware utility (on the MP3 tab), I appears that only one show can be scheduled per day for a set time frame, which is what I used to do at the fairgrounds. What I need to be able to do is repeat multiple shows, alternating on the half hour (show one on the hour, show 2 on the half hour) and it doesn't appear it'll do it. -Gary-
  14. I'm going to be putting on a show at a local park this upcoming Christmas. I'm going to have two different shows, one running on the even hour and the other on the half hour. I know this is possible with a PC running the show, but is something like this possible with the G3 MP3 Director? Everything I'm seeing says no but I want to make sure. -Gary-
  15. That's a limitation that DevMike has referred to before and is with the hardware utility. I think he mentioned that the new version (S5, when it comes out) is supposed to have a much better test facility than S4 currently has.
  16. Well, hopefully the new firmware will be available soon as will a way to update the bootloader on the Pixie's which is why they couldn't get them to accept updated firmware. Once the Pixies are updated, they can behave just like the CCR ribbons, using all the macro channels available (7 I think). Without the update, you'd program them just as you do normal pixels (3 channels, or 1 RGB channel) per pixel. Resolution would then be set on the Pixie configuration page.
  17. Only way to really test individual channels is to use the Pixel Console, click the CCR/CCP/Pixie radio button, select the unit Id for the port you want to test and use the sliders to manipulate each string.
  18. One little side note. The Pixie4, Pixie8 and Pixie16 as they originally shipped (v1.01) will NOT emulate the CCR's as the book says they will. The original software (v1.01) skipped the emulation to enable shipment of the units (time constraints). A new software (firmware) version is in development which will enable ALL the features that the Pixie controllers are designed for. -Gary-
  19. Tickets ordered and received and hotel reservation made
  20. Sounds like the file wasn't registered in the system registry. The upgrade you did fixed the problem by registering that file. This happens from time to time. I had the same thing happen a while back. Another solution would have been to totally uninstall and run the registry wipe utility from LOR which clears out any left over pieces. Sometimes those left over pieces can cause havoc too -Gary-
  21. Steve, just a heads up. The problem with loading the new firmware via the hardware utility turned out to be a problem with the bootloader on the chip. The board I'll be getting will be at v1.02 still but with the fixed bootloader. All I have to do is the request the beta software version and upload it to the Pixie with the hardware utility as normal.
  22. I just submitted a help ticket. We'll see what happens I'd really love to test out this new version. I have a number of CCR sequences that I could modify to test as many of the macros as possible.
  23. Is there a best way to contact them about this? I sent John a message but when he sees it is anyones guess...:)
  24. I did indeed see that. I have a number of sequences that use the macro channels so I could certainly help. I got nothing else to do this spring
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