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  1. I shouldn't have waited so long to try to figure it all out. Thanks so much for your help.
  2. So the LOR converter is necessary? No other converter can be used?
  3. I'm sorry if this has been asked before - I can't find the topic anywhere - but is the Light O Rama SC485 converter necessary, or can you use an RJ-45 converter (like from Radio Shack)? I am new to this, and can't find any information on this. Thank you!
  4. Very cool. Yes, please. jminnifer@gmail.com
  5. This one would be very cool. Please and thank you. jminnifer@gmail.com
  6. I would definitely love this one. Thanks! jminnifer@gmail.com
  7. Yes, please. Definitely with instructions, please. :-) jminnifer@gmail.com
  8. Would love this one, with instructions, please. Thanks! jminnifer@gmail.com
  9. I would very much like a copy of this. Thank you! jminnifer@gmail.com
  10. I've lost track - I'm not sure if I asked for this one. I would love a copy, with setup instructions. Thank you so much! jminnifer@gmail.com
  11. This is exciting to see how many songs you have made. You're amazing. Please may I have this one as well, with setup instructions. Thanks! jminnifer@gmail.com
  12. This would be so amazing to put on. May I please have this one with setup instructions? Thank you!! jminnifer@gmail.com
  13. I'm new to getting things set up, and I'd love this sequence with your outline for setup. Thanks so much! jminnifer@gmail.com
  14. I would love a copy of this! Thanks so much. jminnifer@gmail.com
  15. Sorry, my email is jminnifer@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  16. This is my favorite one. Are you willing to share? Thank you! jminnifer@yahoo.com
  17. I'd love a copy, if you don't mind. Thank you so much! jminnifer@yahoo.com
  18. I love this one. I'd love a copy if you're still willing to share. Thanks! jminnifer@yahoo.com
  19. If anyone still has any to share, I would appreciate it so much!! Thank you. jminnifer@yahoo.com
  20. I'd love to have a copy of your sequences. Thanks so much! jminnifer@yahoo.com
  21. I'd love a copy of this, please. Thank you so much for sharing. jminnifer@yahoo.com
  22. I'm new to this site, and would love to have a copy of this sequence as I am still learning how this all works. Thanks so much! jminnifer@yahoo.com
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