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  1. I like the use of colors! very nice! and a confession to make, I've never heard King Rurik and It's a nice to see a TSO song that's not so commonly used.
  2. My wife just saw this and she wanted me to tell you "as if I need an excuse to up my game"
  3. Thank you everyone! I just want to share something that happened tonight. I went out front and there was a package at the door. It had a card and a coffee cup with Ghirardelli sampler of chocolates in it. The card said "To the happy house of lights and colors, we SO appreciate your efforts and spirit! Thank you for giving us smiles when we see and hear your lights every night! Merry Christmas! anonymous passerby. XXOO" I couldn't believe that someone would be that kind to go out of their way to being me a gift, I don't do this with any expectations of getting anything in return...This
  4. Thank you! You're right on the money! I was going to up grade the tree to pixels and run up the skirts of the house...I was thinking about Pixel icicles too but I don't want to do too much all at once. XL's by the way
  5. This year I added a few things...I went from 32 channels to 80 and I added 350 RGB channels too. The arches are new this year, my first attempt at RGB and then decided to do the porch posts with RGB nodes...gotta say I'm hooked, already planning on the new RGB elements for 2017! Tell me what you think...good or bad!
  6. Sans Devices makes a ELOR that converts LOR protocol to E1.31 The mini will run it.
  7. It's almost Christmas 2016 and I haven't heard anything about the 2015 winners. Anyone have any word on it? Am I just missing the results that are posted somewhere? I figured that they would have been up by now.
  8. Bob, that horizontal arch looks awesome!
  9. So I just pulled this season up on demand...watched the first episode and the first guy said he's the only one he knows with 4 strings of RWBG all tied together?!!!???? HE was the only one that he knows who does this????? My jaw dropped.... I guess he never heard of YouTube...I think that most of us "light enthusiasts" call them mega strings...And most of us have been calling them that and have had them for YEARS! I don't understand why they picked who the did, wheelchair on oxygen been doing this all my life with no acknowledgement feel bad for me? The Military RGB guy had that han
  10. It amazes me how much punch those floods provide. Nice placement of them to not overshoot their intended target. Very impressive display!
  11. is it the last controller inline? if it responds locally (green light goes steady when connected separately) and blinks on the daisy chain, it might not be the controller with the problem, but the one before it. Phils also on the same page with checking the cat5 but if it connects locally, at least one of the RJ45's are working.
  12. Yuk...we have just had cold rain so far this year..it's about 36 degrees right now, overcast and windy. Nothing like wet snow dripping down the back of your neck while your trying to test something. ugg
  13. I'm willing to bet it's a bad jack on #3 ...swap the input on #3 and see if it still talks to #2 if it doesn't, there's the problem... if it does, try to swap the jacks on #4... if still nothing on #4 it's the cat5 cable going from #3 to #4...Hope you get it solved...Mine had me tearing my hair out...I reassigned the unit ID on mine to be the last inline and swapped the controllers, so there is a work around.
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