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  1. (reading more... you may wanna disregard my post... looks like I'm off base... still researching)
  2. I'm researching similar... If you are using Sequence Editor: I saw a tool in SE called "Intensity Tool" that I'm going to use for my purposes. Further down the Tool Option list is "Intensity Tool Option" where you change the adjustment % of the intensity tool. It looks like you drag that tool across your sequence and it will adjust down the intensity...... checking to see exactly what it does on my stuff right now... will see.. I haven't researched into the Intensity settings you are showing yet
  3. well.. I'll take the cake here on being dumb. Somehow those controllers had ccb config settings to be "sequential" and not "triples".... so lesson for anyone seeing random light colors in Sequences but NOT in Hardware utility: Check your channel mode setting in CCB hardware utility. It says it clearly in the documentation but I musta missed doing it or fatfingered something ..... Thanks for guidance and help! back to getting sequences running...
  4. Thanks Brian and Phil. I'll shoot some screenshots of my work tonite. @PhilMassey I'm using basic CCB's with normal 4 wire bulbs. no extensions to bulbs. so should be good. thanks for the clarity on the cat5... I felt I removed that as a consideration and you confirmed that. thx! @brianfox I had the same debug thought and plugged straight into the 2 units (removing A and B, just C and D in the network). Still got same result... glad at least I'm approaching correctly Both of you had thoughts on the ID's of the boxes so I'll confirm and screenprint. I'll have results of my
  5. Updating following some troubleshooting. Situation: 4 CCB setup. Laptop-> USB485HS -> CCB_A, CCB_B->CCB_C-> CCB_D . Each CCB has two 50 bulb stings. Unit C and Unit D pass hardware tests but misbehave consistently during any Sequence. Always flashing R,G,B regardless of color identified in sequence. Troubleshooting so far: I've ran HW test against all units. All bulbs respond correctly via Hardware utility. To ensure sequence setup is not issue: During Sequence Unit A and B work fine (so that is good), but unit C and D alternate R,G,B colors
  6. kevinob


    i have a post today with somewhat similar. although it's both strings... how far is your cat5 run? have you tried switching light strings from one to the other? I'm trying to figure if it's cat5 or string issue... weird to see... is this a CCB controller bought in clearance recently? mine were as well.... sorry cant be more help
  7. I have 4 CCBs setup. 100 bulbs for each ccb controller. bought from the recent clearance deal. Doing simple Sequence editor setup for basic animation I have 2 of them working correctly. Setup as CCD with 2 strings, Unit ID2 +1 from Unit 2 CCBs all, as plugged in, light up first pixel as green... so I feel good to go... My sample sequence fires up (I made all bulbs color Green.... looping the sequence just to get color up on house to confirm all is working)... 2 controllers (4 strings) all work fine on one side of house but... 2 controllers (4 strings) show continuous
  8. Bought some of the clearance older ccbs- cb100d v3 board. I thought i saw something that said “no extra power needed” (thought the cat5 cable would bring power to the unit.) in the description when i was buying it... but i see there is an electric plug into the unit.... so here comes the dumb question: I have to plug it in... cat5 does not power it, right? user manual shows a jumper for some 5v aux power but i am assuming that is for something else apologies in advance!
  9. Getting started with a Director... I ordered a g4 director to free up my laptop to tweak things during the season... It seems as though Director I can make a show from either the Simple Show software or the Hardware utilities. But I cannot use Show Editor? I want to take advantage of the 'random' sequence feature that seems to only be in the computer based full blown Show Editor. I might be missing something simple (again I'm just getting started) like copying the show file to the memory disk? Thanks, Kevin
  10. Looking to uncover a feature or perhaps identify a workaround: I have a bunch of musical light sequences (Thanks to the generous sequence sharers here on this forum!). Full songs...singing faces, etc. I'm wondering if there's an easy alternative to having to play an entire song... is there a way to do a continuous sampling/mix of all different sequences via the software show building? Or would this be something I'd have to custom build new blended sequence()s consisting of smaller, blended 'clips' of those full song sequences? (I searched forums but my thoughts not mapping to any po
  11. May i have a copy as well? findkob@gmail.com as always— thanks so much!!!!
  12. James- so glad to find you are still sharing your work! Would love a copy findkob@gmail.com
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