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  1. Daughter ask for this for new year so please. rwthib@gmail.com
  2. I am making Christmas packages. Using PVC for Frame, but need fabric for the box.
  3. I replaced most of my switches with WeMo. They usually come on sunset to sunrise, but right now I have them set to come on at show end. Fun part is I also have them on my switches for my trees. Amazon Echo can control the switches so we have a group called Christmas, so my family can tells Amazon "turn on Christmas" and everything comes in which is fun.
  4. I saw that thread, so how is it changing/triggering the show?
  5. Thanks, I live in Texas (DFW area) I tried googling but keep finding premade figures, not just the material. (May be my lack of good Google-foo)
  6. Is there an API or external interfaces to the show scheduling software. Want to build some apps to control show and also use external inputs (like weather for example) to change sequence order and start/stops on the fly. Thanks.
  7. Want to create some Christmas packages to go with some Characters in my display. Wondering if anyone knows who sells the outdoor tinsel fabric that lighted characters are made of. Thanks
  8. Would like a copy also, thanks. rwthib@gmail.com
  9. And if anyone can tell me how to embed the Youtube video, I will do that vs the link
  10. Created my first sequence on my own. Jingle Bells from TubaChristmas Let me know if anyone wants it. Video also includes a short intro sequence of lines from Mr Deeds goes to Town about Tube Enjoy https://youtu.be/DXuMnNBEAh8
  11. First Year. Running Show from an older Laptop (Windows 7) Would like to have the PC Shutdown after show is done for evening then power back up and run show next day. Anyone know how to get it to do that?
  12. Can I have a copy, please? rwthib@gmail.com
  13. Anyone have/seen a sequence for Trepak (Russian Dance) for Nutcracker. My google search has not found anything. This is my wife's favorite. First year, so only have 16 Channels but I can modify anything you have or know of. Thanks!!
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