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  1. Hi, can someone please share Pentatonix - Little Drummer Boy & Beethoven's 5th? Nitin_8237@yahoo.com. Very much appreciated!! Thank you
  2. Hi, if anyone has Pentatonix Little drummer boy, can you please share? Nitin_8237@yahoo.com. Much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Hi Steve/Pat, I am newbie too with 16 channel...can you share? nitin_8237@yahoo.com
  4. Hi, newbie looking for Frozen - Let it go and other frozen seq. for 16 channels also Christmas Vacation sequence. If anyone interested in sharing, nitin_8237@yahoo.com Thank you!
  5. If someone is willing to share 16 channel "Let it go" & "Carol of the bells". Nitin_8237@yahoo.com Thanks
  6. Hi, newbie to LOR, can you please share? Nitin_8237@yahoo.com
  7. Hi, newbie with 16 channel controller. Anyone can you please share the sequence? nitin_8237@yahoo.com
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