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  1. I use two computer to run my show, one to program and one to actually run the show. With S4, once a song was finished i would transfer the sequence and audio file from the programming computer to the show computer. Now that I am getting ready for Halloween, I wanted to check and make sure the process was the same with S5. I already found i need to export the sequence to create the playback files, but is that all I need to run them on the show computer ? Is there any important LOR files to keep the same between the two computers ? Thanks, Ben
  2. I am totally behind, but even still I can't seem to get into the rhythm of programming this year.
  3. Halloween is over which means its time for me to start working on the Christmas display for this year. I have many songs that just need to have channels shifted for this years display, but I am having a hard time getting motivated to start working on everything. So here's the question: how does everyone mentally get into the spirit of programming Christmas songs. Do you watch videos of last years show, look through old sequence archives ? Thoughts ??
  4. James, Could I get a copy as well ? bassettb768@gmail.com Thank you in advance. -Ben
  5. Just setup Halloween yesterday, and I did the opening song from the Greatest showman. Everyone loved it, easily the best piece I have every done, definitely a hit !!
  6. Hi all, Yesterday our entire Halloween display went up, and I thought I would share the time lapse with everyone. Enjoy ! https://www.facebook.com/BassettLights/videos/184772339082886/
  7. I reroute most of my show each year, mostly because I add a controller here or some more lights there etc. So I have several 8 ch and 16 ch "snakes" (think of the audio snake) that are labeled, zip tied, and ready for use. This way I can run 16 or 8 channels from the controller in one run, not 16 or 8 respectively. I also have a couple that spool out, where the controller (male) ends are all the same length, but the female ends are spread out every 5 feet or so. I mainly use these for the pumpkins during Halloween. Since each one is on a separate channel it works out well.
  8. @caniac, So is it white coro with a black decal or the other way around ? They look amazing !!!
  9. Jim, I just it to work by adding a separate pixel string with pixel 1 in use. I guess pixel arches are not treated as "pixels" when using the wizard. Thank you for your help. -Ben
  10. Jim, That what I thought. and I have another prop that is using pixel 1 and consequently channel 1 on this universe. Still produces the error. -Ben
  11. I am trying to add a strip of RBG pixels to my vis. file. The string has DMX channels 451 to 510 on Universe 2. I set everything up and change the starting pixel to 151 and I get an error. "There are one or more errors with your simulation that prevent it from running. Please correct these errors and try again. Child Pixel fixture test - DMX Pixels 1 does not have a main Pixel Fixture (a Pixel Universe Fixture with physical pixel 1). A Pixel Universe Fixture when assembled requires a fixture with pixel #1" How can I fix this ? I have several elements that do not start at the beginning of a universe. Thanks in advance -Ben
  12. My brother once told a friend that "We have a man that sits in our basement and flips tons of light switches on and off really fast"
  13. Any change you would be doing another set anytime this year ? -Ben
  14. I would invest in a cable tester for your data cables, saves you a lot of extra time troubleshooting if something is not working. Since you are using a director, you probably want an extra SD card per-loaded and ready to run. For me I have spares of the some of the IC chips on my controllers. When I build the kits I socket everything, and keep spares because I have had those chips go bad.
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