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  1. <---Definition of "old school". 27500+ ALL Incandescent on 127 channels (one channel needs a new triac ><)...46 strands of C9, the rest mini lights. I pull right at 165A when everything is on. Yes...all the lights in the house dim with the music from 6pm to midnight for a month straight. =D Still need to take some videos for this year. Have one last song I am finishing up this weekend ...then I'll post back here with some YouTube Links once I get videos posted.
  2. A bit of a necro, but if you guys want to use my Dubstep Carol of the bells, your welcome. It won the 80/96/112 group over on wowlights this year. (Uses 96 channels but there is a large group of bushes on the left of the house that easily could be removed to drop 8 channels. Also, you could easily 1/2 the spiral tree to gain 8 more channels to drop the total to 80 with no effect to the overall sequence.) The music is actually free, so I can include it as well. Email me at stima@aol.com.
  3. Out in Oswego actually...so a good ways west of you. =)
  4. Hey all, thanks for clicking! =) As the topic states, I am brand new to LOR and "active" light displays. That being said, there obviously are a billion questions one could ask. Everyone has to start somewhere, so I really am just looking for some general ideas on how best to use the lights I have. What I have: To put things in very basically...I have enough lights to do my roof line, windows, bushes and trees in RED, GREEN and WHITE. I have a small amount of props (5 deer, 3 or 4 spiral trees and 20 or so candy canes. The deer\trees can also be done in the three colors. Finally, I hav
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