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  1. Yep, I live about 25 miles east of Sacramento, next to Folsom Lake, and the weather is always great. My roses still seem to stay dormant, though green.
  2. LOL. I pruned my roses in November, and they've not budged since. k6ccc, thanks for your effort in figuring out if SS can be used to sequence the P10 panels through FPP. This will be the first time I use FPP. I hope FPP does not just auto-number channels, but allows assigning channels.
  3. Ok, thanks for the info. Hopefully, LOR releases S5 into production within the next few months, hopefully SS will work with S5 Preview, and hopefully SS will be able to handle two pixels on each P10 board that cross universes.
  4. Very clear, thanks. That's your setup in display for Pixel Editor, which I guess may be the similar display format used in S5. I don't use PE nor S5. I only Visualizer and SS. (I used PE for one sequence only, but for all others, I used SS). I haven't seen a post yet of how to set up P10s in Visualizer. Maybe Brian may break in with advise. I believe k6ccc said that setting up a P10 in Visualizer may not be possible because two of the pixels on the 512-pixel P10 board will each cross two universes (pixels #171 and #342).
  5. Perfect info, thanks. Will do. I saw in a much earlier post from k6ccc that Visualizer does not allow a RGB pixel to span universes. Now, I finally understand what he was saying (I think). The 171st pixel on the first P10 board would be channels 511 and 512 on the first universe, and channel 1 on the second universe. Similar for pixel #342: universe #2 - channel 512, and universe #3 - channels 1 and 2. Has someone solved this using Visualizer? I use Visualizer for every prop, because I use SS for nearly every sequence, and it works great.
  6. Great tip! I can see how the two devices might touch each other accidentally.
  7. Excellent, I only want to use E1.31 protocol. I do not want to use the LOR network for the P10 panels. In general, to drive P10s off of the Pi, I just need to treat the Pi as another E1.31 controller, correct? I have a couple of Ron's Holiday Lights matrix adapter boards (one is the kit, one is pre-assembled). I will attach one of these boards to the Pi's GPIO header. And, yes, I will assign the Pi a unique IP address, using FPP.
  8. Brain freeze here: The iDMX 1000 can be used for DMX moving heads on an LOR network, not the P10s (well, at least as far as I know).
  9. When S5 is in production, I'll get it. I use S4 only, and I use SS almost exclusively. I do download and use any patches to SuperStar that Brian might make available. Back to hardware: I've seen one option to communicate with the P10s over LOR's network is through LOR's iDMX 1000. I could try that, but I'd rather use my Ethernet network, which I use for most of my pixels (and E1.31 controllers). The one way I've seen on this thread to communicate with the P10s over an Ethernet network is with a Pi. So, I purchased a Pi 3, Model B, to test for myself. I'll load it with Falcon P
  10. Are you using SuperStar, by chance, to sequence the P10 panels?
  11. Geez, now I understand what you mean about Visualizer. That is an issue.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I might be missing what you're saying. You note that Visualizer does not allow a "RGB pixel" (i.e., you don't mean a prop?) to span universes. I'm not clear what this means (2 channels in one universe, and a pixel's third channel in another?). Just to confirm what is probably obvious to you: I defined each of my four mini trees in Visualizer (200 pixels each mini tree). So, each mini tree requires two universes. I identified the two universes for each mini tree in Visualizer. Ditto for a couple of 200 pixel matrices.
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