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  1. I appreciate your help. I checked all the sequences and I can run them and control lights with music in the sequencer, just not when its in a show. I just can't figure it out. It's also weird that the none of my sequences show up in simple show builder, first time I have ever seen that. I have a help desk ticket submitted they are just slow this weekend with the holiday.
  2. That worked once, but it wouldn't play music. Now even show builder won't play. Can't build in simple show builder because my sequences dont show up. This upgrade has been frustrating. Did you run into a bunch of issues?
  3. I am having an issue running simple shows or shows on demand. I can run a show through the sequence editor, but when I try and run through my new simple show I built in Hub this year, it won't run. As a side note when I open up the control panel, I get a notification that Lormonitor has failed. Below is the log I see when trying to run my show. 4:33:33 PM: Show Player initialized4:33:34 PM: Starting show: C:\Users\bethwagg\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\LOR_HubShow.lss4:33:34 PM: Checking S5 sequence: C:\Users\bethwagg\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\11-Grinch.loredit4:33:34 PM: Loa
  4. I went in to Hub and created a new simple show. The one thing I noticed is that when opening control panel it said Lormonitor fail. Really hoping I don't need to reinstall everything. The sequences have all been edited this year in S5 so they are saved as new files.
  5. I think I am having the same issues. Let me know if you found a fix.
  6. Any Chance you know what's causing this in my logs? My schedule won't play now. 4:33:33 PM: Show Player initialized 4:33:34 PM: Starting show: C:\Users\bethwagg\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\LOR_HubShow.lss 4:33:34 PM: Checking S5 sequence: C:\Users\bethwagg\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\11-Grinch.loredit 4:33:34 PM: Loading compressed sequence: C:\Users\bethwagg\Documents\Light-O-Rama\LORInternal\Playback\L\11-Grinch.0000.16.play.lms.lcs 4:33:38 PM: Show Player starting 4:33:38 PM: Schedule loaded 4:33:38 PM: Initializing LOR networks 4:33:38 PM: LOR networks initial
  7. Closed the HU and restarted. Control panel is there but red and not running. I don't see the control lights check box on the right hand side bar. Is there anywhere else to click that?
  8. I am running S5 and am running into an issue. I can hook up all 3 of my controllers and in the Hardware utility can see them turn lights on and off dim fade and everything. When I go to test a sequence none of the lights come on as programmed. I don't know what I have done wrong. I assigend every channel in the Design portion and they look correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  9. May I please have a copy as well? commwagg24@gmail.com Can you also tell me what songs you used I would appreciate it. Always a challenge to find the exact music used. Thanks!
  10. Could I get a copy of this as well? Thanks! commwagg24@gmail.com Also can you tell me where to purchase the songs you used I would appreciate it.
  11. I would appreciate if I could get this as well. I only have 48 channels, no RGB or faces. commwagg24@gmail.com
  12. May I please have a copy of this as well? commwagg24@gmail.com Thanks!
  13. can I get a copy of this as well commwagg24@gmail.com THANKS!
  14. If I could get this as I well I would appreciate it. commwagg24@gmail.com
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