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  1. This is my first year with LOR and I want to say Thank you to all the people on here that have given advice personally and through the great material and ideas on here. I started late and kept my lights modest and simple this year. I am excited to grow next year! Once the lights were hung and the songs sequenced - I was amazed at how easy it was to get the show running! IT was almost plug and play! I hope to have some video later on! Thanks again! DK
  2. I would love the share too! krash.landing4@gmail.com
  3. Newbie here too looking for 16 channel sequences! It's my first year! DK krash.landing4@gmail.com
  4. What are typical lengths of a "Show"? We are putting the final touches of on it now... I don't want to run the same show on a loop - but at the same time - being a first timer - in a small town I imagine word will spread fast - I would hate to have people come by to see it and not have it running? Do you post times outside? I have seen some people put a charity donation of some sort out- I thought about canned goods for the local food bank - does the public respond to that? I read a coupe of articles about having an intro - and a closing - and animated light sequences different from "the Show" Just looking for some input! Thanks! DK
  5. Has anyone sequenced anything from Star Wars that they wouldn't mind Sharing? krash.landing4@gmail.com Thanks!!
  6. ummmmm..... I understand excel - this is a bit intimidating... lol... So I am thinking that I have 4 colors - lets just say Red White Blue Green and I out line the house in those colors - That would be 4 of my channels right? Ok then If I build some trees in 4 colors I could either put them on the same channels or put them on separate channels so I could work them And I do this mapping out of my display. HOW do I use the sequences that have been shared with me to link correctly with my display?
  7. ok- I have acquired some music and sequences - all for 16 channels - How can I tell or see what effects go on each channel?
  8. Ok... So I have always had a large static display- last year I bought a cheap Showbox and added some minor random beat control - this year- I am ready to Tackle my 16 Channel controller. My question is - what comes first. The music or the design. I am starting to get my mind around the 16 controllers and what I can do with it- how do you "plan" your display? I don't want to start TOO big this year- and I want to learn (although I tend to get tunnel vision and go head first into a big project). Do you sketch it out? plan your colors? Do you choose the music and then picture a display around it? Any input will be appreciated!
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