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  1. great, thanks for the info!
  2. Hi The description of the Gen3 CTB04-PC says it can be used independently. Does this mean it can be used without a computer and software, and has some "on board" built in effects that can be selected from the board itself? Im looking for a basic controller(s) that I can use on my 20,000 commercial grade LED's for Christmas 2016 that can run basic effects without the use of a computer, like fades, etc.. thanks
  3. JRF

    70 foot "megatree" ?

    Ahhh, great !! Thanks K6CCC and looks good "Santas Helper"! My call is ai4u , you can check me out on QRZ.com. I am pretty active in the hobby. Im not lighting the tower up this year, just a star on top but I already am planning next years madness which will most likely include the tower again... Thanks Jeff - ai4u
  4. Hi First, sorry for the sideways picture, dont know why it attaches sideways....Last year I put 2000 basic LED lights on my Ham Radio tower. The tower is a freestanding 70 foot lattice in my backyard. The not so good picture is the first night when I had only 5 strings on it (you can see the house windows at the bottom for size comaprison) and before I had the strings symetrical aligned. I added lots more strings from target over the following days and a star on top. It got a lot of attention even without animation of the lights. Anyway, Im just getting into this animation thing, planning f
  5. JRF

    outdoor speakers

    Yeah that leads me to another question, similar to Ed K's.....Is it best to use an FM transmitter and just tune a stereo system outside to the FM freq with the volume cranked up? Or is it best to run the music from your computer or laptop via a cable to speakers outside? thanks
  6. JRF

    outdoor speakers

    Roger that Mega Arch, thanks for the info!
  7. Yeah, I have been doing the same over the last few years; adding lights but I have not used any of those "animated" santa's waving, or any giant blow up snowmen...LOL...My interest is mainly just lights on the house, and now to begin moving into the more serious aspect of control with music sequences, I would like to also add lawn displays like the smart trees, arches and the like...
  8. JRF

    outdoor speakers

    LOL, then I will need a gallon of it...
  9. JRF

    outdoor speakers

    Wow thanks everyone great info! I have been bit by the bug...
  10. JRF

    outdoor speakers

    Great, thanks to all !
  11. JRF

    outdoor speakers

    Hello What kind of speakers do you all use for your outdoor music shows? Anything special? THanks Jeff
  12. thanks Ill check that out!
  13. Thanks Z, yes I am too late for this year, but just wanting to start planning for next year...Covering the front of the house is kind of my idea of starting small, using smart RGB, I guess, so that I can make the colors look like they are flowing around on the front of the house...Just not exactly sure where to start as far as equipment needed..
  14. Hello My name is Jeff, I live near Winston-Salem, NC. Over the last 4 or 5 years I have been adding to my outdoor Christmas lights, my goal is to eventually have my house be "full on Griswald", . Anyway, my lights are the basic sort, LED icicle lights, stars, lights on the bushes, large twinkling outdoor wreath, and I have 4 flood lights ( 2 red and 2 green ) that I shine on the house on either side of my front door. Not this year, but perhaps next year I would like to cover the entire front of the house witjh string lights of some sort. What type of lighting do you all recommend for that? Als
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