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  1. Good news I recovered all my stuff off my phone!!! Yes mega arch the video above was from setup in the beginning. I do have better vids on a tripod without all the bounce will post later. My " amazing sequencing" was really just sarcasm as I was mostly stressing back up back up back up lol. I still have a lot to learn with sequencing. Whew....I can sleep now!
  2. Only video I saved from early setup.
  3. Lol maybe. But just stressing how important to back up back up back Up lol. Wifey will not let me set it all back up to record lol.
  4. 2016 was the best display I have ever done, the absolute best. A matter of fact most would be jealous of how amazing my sequencing was. Just can't prove it to anyone.... Lesson.....never use your fancy smart phone to record your display videos and let it save to the internal disk. I always save to a removeable as card. Mine was full, I got lazy and did not make room so all proof of my display is on my bricked lgv10 lol. Lesson learned, no videos or pics of my 2016 display. Already tore down, maybe put it back up to make more videos lol.
  5. Car pulls up into driveway woman gets out walks up to me says " Hi, do you know where we can go to see christmas lights? I said " I'm sorry, what do you mean?" " where do you go to see christmas lights?" I stood in awe, slowly glanced over to my display 2 feet from me with tens of thousands of blinky flashy color changing lights....and point and say " Uh.....we go there..." she says " oh, that's pretty, but where would you go?".......blank stare......"Uh I go here" would you and your kids like to get out and come watch? "Does it dance with the music?" ( understand I have a pa system outside an
  6. yes I would love to get some rgb floods and go that route also, not in budget this year for the floods and controller. thought about just using some cheap colored spots but still looking at it.
  7. Would love to do something for my wife's birthday. Something small in the living room, kinda rearrange it for a party atmosphere club like and do some lights. Thinking of an arch or 2 and some sticks maybe some spots. Anyone ever do something like this? Will have to do it in secret the sequencing of a few of her favorite songs and maybe a dubstep mix happy birthday or something. Only have 3 weeks though. I think I can do it. Have to build the arches and sticks.
  8. This was my first year also. I started planning 2016 as I was setting up this year. I used this year as a learning experience. My big thing for 2016 will be a 8 ft spiral inside of a large mega, the catcher is you will be able to walk inside the mega around the spiral. I'm looking for a more interactive display. Still working on design and safety with it.
  9. Thank you Earle. I'm going to be buying lights in next few days just need to decide which to get. I have always loved the c6 leds I have.
  10. Any main difference? I personally like the c6 lights but not sure it would be best for a spiral tree.
  11. Here's another one, getting better I think.
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