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  1. Tn, I would start with an Auto-match by name, but save it as a new preview so you can go back if needed. Not seeing much of the view its hard to tell if match by name or match by channel will be better for you. You can try both, just be sure to save it off as a different match setting. Oh, and of course be sure you back up your current preview so you can always get back to this point. V/R, Ian
  2. Jim or JR, I bought the holiday Coro RGB singing face coroprop but now need to find the RGB S5 prop to sequence it. Did you just reuse the LED version or is there a new version, if so any chance I could talk you into emailing me it j.ian.martin@hotmail.com ??? Thank you guys!!! Ian
  3. JR, Thank you! I'm going to go try that. New question, You've mentioned you're still on S4, so I'm not sure if the option is there, but have you tried the Auto-sequence for faces in SuperStar? If so have you figured a way to get that face out of the tree and into a standard singing face prop? Thank you!
  4. Hello, I would like to switch to pixel strings for my singing faces. But I have some nice sequences now that are the traditional lights. I found a tutorial but lost it on how to convert from traditional light sequence to pixel strings. Does anyone know how to find that tutorial or know how to convert old style singing face sequences to pixel singing faces? Thank you, Ian
  5. Thank you dgrant. I'm going to try soldering again. My current issue, the joints are fresh (never had an iron near them), but it sounds like I have to try again and appreciate the advice. Something tells me my current strip is a good practice set as I'm guessing the 2nd half of the strip is now bad. Ian
  6. Ducks, Yes, you are right, the dim lights are very similar to what happens if using a 5v PS on 12v lights. This though is a 12v PS, and the first part of the strips lights up great. Its just the next 3 that have the low light, and I should clarify, no lights post those 3 light up at all. Thank you, Ian
  7. Hello, First thank you for taking the time to respond. Let me set this straight, they are 3-wire strips, looking at the photo here I can see why you might think otherwise, but it really is a 3 wire LED. Yes, it did work before cutting, and actually worked when I first put this set of connectors on. But as pointed out they are not optimal. I tried to solder (failed misserably), For reasons that escape me the solder would not adhere to the gold spots there. I've ordered a new soldering iron, but as my hands shake this is going to be tough even if I can get it to work. (any one know a good video on doing that, all one examples I've seen just works). If there are a better connectors I would love to hear about them. But back to my original question, only the 3 immediate LEDs post the connection light up (but are faint), they do not have the assigned color, and stay lite after I've 'turned lights off' (hardware utility). My question really is what does that mean? I keep cutting off sections of the remaining tape and that is not working, I've tested the connector (and alternative). Thank you, Ian
  8. Hello all, I’m trying to do pixel strips for the first time this year, and need to splice in wire to do 90 degree bends. I bought several pixels strips from lightorama 3 strand 12 volt. The initial part of the strip lights up just fine on command (HW utility) but the next section only the first 3 are on, but not a real color. Once the strip has been turned on these three do not turn off. These leds are barely on so in the photo it’s hard to see. The first part of the strip is very bright. I’m fairly sure this is an error condition but can’t find what it is. I’ve tried several different connectors, cut the trailing strip several times, cleaned it, tested it with a voltmeter. Nothing is coming up wrong that I can see but it’s not working. Thoughts or suggestions are most welcome.....thank you Ian
  9. JR, I tried joining the last time using the link you provided I kept getting host was in another meeting, so was never able to actually get in. Likely my not being the brightest bulb here. I would like to try again, please will you send a fresh link to. J.ian.martin@hotmail.com? Thank you!
  10. JR please will you retry, I did not receive anything? j.ian.martin@hotmail.com thank you very much!
  11. JR, I would love to attend your class. I have missed everything up to this point but would really like to attend and learn all I can from you. I really appreciate the sequences you've given me but would like to do some myself. Please send me info to sign up for your class and if you've recorded any of the prior sessions, I would like to catch up. MY email is j.ian.martin@hotmail.com. Thank you very much.
  12. JR, I did not know that a pixie16 could control 170, I don't have the most current models of Pixies, mine are all older (pre-dip switch). Thank you, I did reread your instructions again and this time noticed your note there. As I had a PixCon16 go bad on me this year, I'll replace it with a Pixie now, which should save a few bucks. Thank you.
  13. High Order, are you still working on this, and need help? As you have a Pixie16, that is up to 100 pixels per port, and you've used 2 of those for the arches right? So I would set it up as 90 lights per string, with 2 loops and each string is 90 pixels. You'll need to inject power ( would do it at the end of the 100 line). That would use up 10 of your ports to do that. A single power supply should be able to handle 900 pixels easily. If you're having trouble still, then reply...
  14. Thank you JR & dgrant. It was working fine on the bench, it was not until I had the megatree fully up that it stopped working. I have not yet bench tested it again, as I just swapped out the Pixcon for a Pixie. The pixie is working fine now (though the pixie4 upstream is not perfect). As those are the only 2 controllers on that network and I'm running it 500K enhanced I think I have my setup reasonable. Since the Pixie works fine, and all I did was swap out the IC cards, I think that narrows it down fairly well to just the card. I'm still working on a matrix for my other PixCon16, maxing out its capabilities (16 strings of 170 pixel ea) we'll see if that works. Only catch is I think I'll have to run a new network and I'm out of USB ports. Once I figure out what is wrong with original PixCon16 I'll post that for others.
  15. Follow up, never did figure this one out. Ended up replacing the PixCon16 with a Pixie16, in the box (so everything else stayed the same), Now mega tree works fine. ... Have not bench tested the PIxCon yet to see if I can figure out the root cause.
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