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  1. Hey gang, I’m going to start a Coro project and was going to get my lights from Creative Displays during their preorder but as I was doing a little reading I came across Holiday Light Express. I can get individual light strings there. Has anyone bought from both and if so were they comparable? I was going to buy cases of 50 but if I can get 20, 35, 50, 70 etc. that’s even better. Thanks
  2. A windshield wiper motor is a good call especially if your pieces have some weight to them but they are a little pricey along with a speed control. Close to $50. I use several of them in my Halloween display. A reindeer motor runs about $12. You could have two cutouts (top and bottom) one pin or screw at the top, one in the center with the top overlapping the bottom at the waist and a pin and slot at the bottom fr travel.The reindeer motor off to the side for a push pull action which moves the hips back and forth. The movement might be to slow for what you want. The windshield wiper motor wou
  3. Hey gang, I haven't been on the forum in years and I've been using the same sequences for 7 years now. Ever since my grandkids moved in with us. My wife would really like to run Deadmans Party this year and I still don't have time to sequence it .We use foam pumpkins to sing along with the music. We call them our pumpkin choir. What I really need is the timing marks for the vocals because that is what takes forever. I have the music as long as the sequence hasn't been edited. I haven't made a sequence in years so if anyone has a sequence they'd be willing to share I'd be grateful. Back when I
  4. Thanks guys. I don't know how or when it happened but both units 1 and 2 were set to #2. Doh! Now on to building our haunted house.
  5. Hey gang, I've been using LOR for about 7 years now and this is a first for me. I'm only using 3 controllers for Halloween and when I played the show tonight it's like all the channels got scrambled. Channels are playing from unit 2 that should be unit 1 etc. It acts like they were all wired wrong. Unit 1 channel 16 should be playing but it comes through Unit 2 channel 3. Really weird. When I play a song in the sequence editor the animation plays correctly but the sequences play all wonky from the units. Any ideas? I'm running v3.9.0 Thanks in advance. Hope someone can help. My grandkids
  6. Our snowman snow machine is this years big hit. It just replaced Virtual Santa as everyones favorite. The kids go nuts as the snow falls. I have it programed for Let it Snow and it does.
  7. Thanks guys, I'm not sure what the problem was but I tried a show from several years ago and it worked so it's all good.
  8. Thanks Don and dgrant, I'll give those a try. Sorry for the multiple posts. I was tired and frustrated and didn't think the post went through.
  9. I've been using LOR for a few years but because I only play with it a week prior to openning nite I'm a little rusty. I tried to launch my show last night and kept getting error messages. Can someone with computer skills help me figure this out. Cannot Open File C:\Documents and Settings\Daren\MyDocuments\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Monstermash Ims) Musical:C:Documents and Settings\Daren\MyDocuments\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Monstermash Ims I'm an old fart with little computer savy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The neighborhood kids are hoping for a show tonight. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey gang. I've been using LOR for several years now but only play with it a week prior to start up and I am really rusty. I tried to launch my show tonight and keep getting an error message. Cannot open file C:\ Documents and settings\Daren\mydocuments\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Monstermash Ims) Musical:C:Documents and Settings\Daren\MyDocuments\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Monstermash Ims It's like it doesn't know where to look. I'm an old fart who isn't very computer savy so any help would be greatly appreciated. And please remember, Old Fart and Not Very Computer Savy.
  11. Hey gang. I've been using LOR for a few years but only look at it a cole of days before start up ( not a good idea ) Seems every year I run into a problem and have to ask for help. I appear to be having a brain fart. I loaded my Halloween show, enabled it, everything looked fine and when it came time to start I keep getting a message, slowly at first and then at light speed. It says error with sequence ( cannot open file C:\documents and settings\ my name\my documents\Light-o-rama\sequences\monstermashIms)Musical:C:Documents and settings\ myname\mydocuments\Light-o-rama\sequences\monstermashIm
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