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  1. UPDATE: I ordered a High Speed USB Adapter (http://store.lightorama.com/usbrs485hs.html) and put my RGB devices on an auxiliary network with it (I left my 16 channel non CC boxes on my old "slow" network). Everything is working as expected now. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  2. Thanks - I ordered a High Speed adapter. If that doesn't solve my problem, I will provide the .loredit file
  3. Thanks for the reply I have 3 - 16 channel non CC boxes, 3 RGB Floods and 6 - 100 bulb CCBs in the sequence. At the time of the test, I only had the 3 - 16 channel boxes and 1 - 100 bulb CCB connected to the network. I also used the hardware utility to do some testing: The twinkle test (with a non Red/Green/Blue color like Purple) shows mostly red and blue twinkles with very few purple. If I fade (with a non Red/Green/Blue color like Purple) it flashes some reds and blue before it shows all purple. I just ordered a http://store.lightorama.com/usbrs485hs.html. Let's ho
  4. Thanks. I just upped my network speed to 115.4K and that didn't help It looks like I can't go higher because I have the USB485B Adapter. Should I get a http://store.lightorama.com/usbrs485hs.html Adapter and run my LOR network on that to see if it helps? I could up the speed to 500.0K then, I think...
  5. Good question, it's not always the same Also: some bulbs are different than other bulbs on the same string (and I've copied and pasted the entire row to each of the bulbs).
  6. I am working on adding some Smart RGB Bulbs (Smart CCB Strings) to my show. When doing testing in sequence editor (controlling the actual lights), the some of the bulbs on the string flash a different color at the start of the event and then they all show the correct color. The problem sometimes occurs when fading up to a color and it sometimes occurs when the bulb is turned on to 100% (from 0%). I've searched the internet and this forum and I can't find a fix. Anyone have any ideas for what I can do to fix this? I'm trying to upload a video of the issue as well but the vi
  7. We just noticed the same problem on one of our flood heads. Our green is always on. I just opened a ticket as well.
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