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  1. It comes with the S5 loredit file if its a house sequence, the matrix comes with the LMS and SUP file, and the faces are LMS. The house sequence will also include the graphic files needed for the columns. It will be a zip file that you download due to the size of the sequences.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. We have a lot coming once they get migrated over to S5. Also several new ones are in the works right now. You are customer number one so I guess I should post a picture of you on the site. Kind of like the first dollar one would make. :) But seriously, I will take a video of the sequence playing on your house if you don't mind.
  3. Dan and I managed to get the site open and running today. We are still adding more sequences, but we welcome everyone to stop by and have a look. https://blownbulbsequences.com/
  4. Ebuechner was kind of enough to share his faces many years back. Dan and I just got around to doing this one. Big Kudos's to Dan on the Matrix. Here you go... The Curly Shuffle. https://youtu.be/buaD1VWChv8
  5. Matrix has been added Thanks to Dan. https://youtu.be/b_enQDuXX8M
  6. Here you go @dibblejr https://youtu.be/MJcTSD_JxCs ENJOY!
  7. What difference does it matter what I do? What I am getting from this is that you are going to let this bug stay. What are you going to do when it hits a lot more people and trashes their work? It's known issue since the last version it seems. You have had ample time to respond. I am sure you saw that I was getting irritated from the lack of response. I bumped my request so many times hoping to get something. All I got was software that was getting worse and worse. Now I can't really do anything with it. And you seem okay with that. So again what difference does it make what direction I go? You have a nasty bug that can hit at anytime and if I leave, you close the ticket. You should want to be the hero and squash it so no one else has to deal with this. And what is this service you speak of? None was provided that the community saw. It was not even an issue till this morning till it blew up. I have done my best to find and report issues. You should be happy that someone is going the extra mile to make sure...
  8. How am I supposed to do screenshots when I will not even open S5 any more because of what it does? What good is sending in screenshots? I have posted videos here and got nothing but cricketts. I have done everything I could for the first half of this issue and what has come from it? Nothing but a user jumping off the band wagon. You sent me an email about the motion effect across multiple props asking for me to send you the sequence. I did that and have I heard anything? No... Do I expect anything on this? No... Except this... You are going to let the bug stand it seems. A Light-O-Rama help desk staff member has replied to your request, #931016 with the following response: I would be happy to help, but it sounds like you have already made the decision to move to xLights. So I am closing this ticket. If you would like to continue with S5, feel free to reopen it. Matt Brown But you will look at it if I say on S5. A little blackmail there it seems.
  9. You told me last night that you are not using S5 anymore till the bugs are fixed. 🤣 Let's not offer any false hope till a working fix actually materializes. But the real question is this... will it open and fix a sequence that it has trashed or just resolve it from happening in the future? I need it to fix my stuff. So that is the real question...
  10. S5 tried to mimic a lot of what Xlights can do. The support is top notch and there is always someone waiting in the Zoom room to help you out. They have regular updates and they actually communicate. You will never sit in the dark thinking your issue will go unanswered. It does have a HUGE learning curve though. But so did S5. I have set up my props and imported stuff and played around with the effects and have done some basic sequencing. I use it when S5 does not play nice. I can export my work out to a clipboard file and import it in to S5. This morning I managed to piece together my Moana sequence that S5 decided to eat from different backpup files and imported it. My props and preview are the same in both software packages so no issues so far. I must admit that I have not controlled my lights with it yet. So I cannot say if the scheduler is of any count or not. I would think it is as people are using it. That will coming this evening as I have some of my props sitting out already.
  11. You can import your stuff right into Xlights. It does a lot of what S5 tried to do, but it works.
  12. Well it seems there is a new issue with the archived props. When I bring an archived prop back to my grid view, it will randomly remove certain parts of the sequence. At this point I cannot sequence and I will not be opening any more sequences for fear of them getting corrupted even more.
  13. Never bumped it every hour. But why not until it's fixed!! There has not been one response from LOR or Matt on this issue. And it's a serious bug that is now clear it has been around for a year. I can no longer sequence, so I think it needs to be shoved down LOR's face. And thank you for helping to bump it.
  14. Best S4 tool ever was the AutoFlip which was kind of integrated in S5 v5.4.2.
  15. Well that makes me feel better. My email should not go unanswered then.
  16. Man I needed a good laugh tonight. Thanks Don!
  17. S4 was like XP and Windows 7... S5 is like Vista. I will say this, when it does run, it runs well. But once you hit a bug, they all come out like roaches. S5 could be great... Should be great. It's had what, 2 years to mature? But they need to listen to their users and not ignore them. Communication is key! And I think I have been very verbal with communicating to them. I swear they have variable's in their code that says If Bug=0 then goto run great if Bug=1 then goto let's mess with the user if Bug=2 then goto you are screwed if Bug=3 then goto we just hate you and eat your props You gotta admit... that's pretty darn funny!
  18. Funny you say that... Are you Dan the CEO? 🤣
  19. @MattBrown This has now reached the point to where I can no longer even use S5. If this cannot resolved in a timely manner WITH communication, please just refund me the cost of S5. It's riddled with way to many BUGS and the communication from LOR is non existent. As of now, I have lost 7 months of work. I have never worked with a company that has no communication.
  20. It gives me hope that other people have or will have their work corrupted as well. I know that sounds mean, but I don't know of any other way to make LOR fix this. I am no longer doing any sequencing because S5 is not stable enough to do any work now without it being garbled up. I was working on a SIA sequence and was 60 seconds into it when I opened it... Archived props bugs. It's just not on finished sequences, which is where I saw it happen up untill now. It can even happen during the creation of one. 😬
  21. Glad to see other's are seeing it as well. Now maybe if I keep bumping my thread and blasting Matt and LOR, we may actually get it fixed this time. I am at a complete loss as to why the DEV's seem to ignore a lot of issues... But they are happy to take our money every year or so for renewal just to continue receiving BUGGY software of the latest updates. This will be my last time. The headaches are not worth it. The time spent on creating a show just to lose it due to bad code... NOT WORTH IT! @MattBrown This issue was reported last year and you did not deem it serious enough to follow up on? It corrupts our sequences!
  22. Yes. In S5 go to sequence on the top toolbar and select change sequence length.
  23. @MattBrown Is there some random left over cache or temp file from other previews? Somehow I managed to get it restore the archived props on a sequence but it duplicated those props. It also brought in old props that have been removed and deleted months ago. This is why i am wondering about the cache... So what I want to know is why S5 keeps killing my preview? Who am I kidding... I will not hear nothing but crickets! 🤬 WORK AROUND: I ended up deleting all the previews and just letting it load from what is in the sequence. I can now get it going. Update: I just went back into my sequence and started to look around. Yeah I am like a dog with a bone. I went to the archived props and it listed old singing bulbs again that have been removed awhile back. So I am still wondering if some cache or temp file is janky. Update 2: It does not work 100% on all sequences. Still trying to figure that one out. I was expecting to have the older sequences from December import their preview like the newer sequences did. BTW a LOR reg wipe and reinstall did not help either.
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