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  1. Thanks so much for your replies. Orville your suggestion was spot on. I renamed the animation sequence to begin with " 000_ " then renamed the musical sequences in order, " 001_ ; 002_ etc. built a show, put the show in scheduler and the whole thing played. First time this season I didn't have to do something manually. Thanks again, Michael
  2. I'm sure this is a simple fix, but I just can't make it work. Any one able to help? I want to run a 37 minute non-musical animation sequence when my show first starts. Then I run 23 minutes of musical sequences. Then I want to run the whole thing every hour. I used show editor to make shows with and without the non-musical animation sequence. plugged them into show scheduler, non-musical sequence does not play. I used show editor to make shows of individual parts, then plugged into show scheduler seperately to run after one another. Thanks, Michael
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