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  1. Send one my way if you would please. JCurtright@cox.net
  2. Thanks for the reply. Maybe I have them setup wrong. I currently have them set up as Units 4-5-6-7-8. In the sequence editor they are set up as CCD 04 s1 (circuit 1-50) AND CCD 04 s2 (circuits 161-310). The other four are set up the same way but with the different unit ID's.
  3. Looking for some help. I have 5 CCB100's all running on Enhanced 500k network and the very last strand (string 2) of the last controller will not work. I have swapped string 1 and 2 around and string 2 begins to work just fine and string 1 goes out. So it is not a problem with the strand of lights itself it just seems to be whatever is last in line will not work. I have updated all of my controllers to the lastest firmware 1.21 as well as the Sequencing suite. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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