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  1. Thanks again. The CZE05B got the job done from inside the house.
  2. The second-story window provides mostly good reception but the signal is too weak at the entrance to our street. I tried hanging the WHT antenna out the window but that did not help. Would it help to use a longer antenna wire, say 15 or 20 foot stretched out the window to a nearby tree? Or is that pointless?
  3. Thanks everyone. I’ll try the WHT in a second-story window.
  4. I’m looking for a way to transmit the audio via FM from a laptop located inside a brick/plaster house without running wires from inside to outside. The FM signal needs to extend at least 300 feet.
  5. Thanks Don. Is that just a LOR design decision or is there a practical reason why the ELL can’t / shouldn’t handle audio?
  6. Has anyone figured out how to send audio input to an FM transmitter by way of an ELL?
  7. I use the FM transmitter and an Ecoxgear waterproof boombox. Has worked great for many years in rain and snow.
  8. Bought it and returned it. If it loses power, it requires a manual power button push to turn on. If it retains power, it automatically turns of after 6 hours and automatically turns back on 18 hours after it turned off. When turned on, it automatically displays the holiday theme set it was last displaying when it turned off. It will store up to 10 messages that you enter/edit. It will not display multiple messages in rotation. You must manually select a different message, The keyboard has no period character! It will not automatically display the stored me
  9. Well the fence project turned out pretty good. Here is a link to one (classic) song that shows about 20% of the fence. Of course it looks even better when your field of view covers more of the fence but that's difficult to capture on video. Thanks for the help! https://youtu.be/R7FZ-OzyWmU Neighbors are expecting bigger and better for next year
  10. Thanks Rainy. I had no idea this could be an issue. I'm in Missouri so it will be cold and often wet. The chain link has thick paint on it so I wonder if the risk is significantly reduced?
  11. Thanks. I have that covered. If there is nothing else I should be OK.
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