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  1. I promise, i am taking it seriously. I've got an electrician coming to check things out this week. If any one of you guys lived near me, I'd have called you. Being the holiday, and me being at work nonstop for the past 2 days, I haven't been able to get anyone any sooner.
  2. Nope. Actually, it's off most of the day. I'm usually gone from 9a-10p, and rarely does anyone else use it when I'm not home. Don't know if it matters much, but my display is pretty easy to break down by controller. #1 162ft rope light, 3600 mini lights, 300 M6 LEDs #2 186 C9, 1200 mini lights, 24ft rope light #3 6400 mini lights #4 6400 mini lights #5 1600 mini lights #6 1600 mini lights Don't know if that is helpful or just white noise.
  3. I was just going by the load display on the UPS itself. Is that not a reliable figure? And again, it only experiences these issues when the lights are running. I have had absolutely no issues when the show is off.
  4. It's always a short beep, usually no more than 1 sec or so. But it does seem to coincide with the UPS display change fairly closely. In other words the beep and display change from input to output seem to happen almost simultaneously, then the beep stops (usually less than 1 sec later), and less than a sec after than, the UPS display switches back to input.
  5. Had no idea that's how that would be set up. I'll have to give that a try too. Now I'll just how to figure out where to connect to a couple of those other circuits. Thanks.
  6. Just a beep and then the display switches from input monitoring to output monitoring. As soon as the "trouble" stops, the beep stops, and the display switches back to input monitoring. There is a meter that shows the remaining battery level, and as this happens through the night, predictably, the meter drops. And again, this is only when the TV/Entertainment center is on.
  7. Forgive my ignorance, but how do you determine the phases? I was just assuming that left and right are the phases, or possibly straight across would be phases. None of those are opposite each other, and they're on both the left and right sides. How were you able to determine that from my fairly crude diagram?
  8. No lights getting any brighter. I've got some dimming in a couple of rooms, but mostly no changes in brightness either way.
  9. I'll run the diagnostic when I get home. Thanks for reminding me. I forgot about that. The computer that runs the show is on a separate circuit. I don't recall the total amperage. Unfortunately, I'm still all incandescent. This is a basic diagram of how things are going into the breaker: Does this look like it might be a contributing factor?
  10. The UPS is just slightly over 2 years old. It's a CyberPower CP1500AVR LCD Intelligent LCD UPS (1500VA 900W). The load on it is 650W when everything is on. I did recently replace both my subwoofer and AV receiver, but that load is with the new components. The display is actually slightly smaller this year vs. prior years, but only by about 1,000 lights. But again, since there isn't anything from the show on this circuit, and this only happens when the show is running, it seems like it's going to be something more expensive and complicated than just replacing the battery or even the UPS.
  11. Gas stove, gas dryer. I've used a circuit breaker finder to confirm all of the circuits are separate. I was just hoping it was something electrical that I didn't know about instead of something I really didn't know about. Guess I'll be calling an electrician. Thanks for the help.
  12. I have set up my lights the same as previous years, but for some reason, this year when they run they seem to be temporarily tripping the UPS on my entertainment center. The breaker doesn't trip, but the power drops low enough that UPS switches to battery only for a second or two, then it's restored. Strangely (at least to me), none of my lights are on the same circuit as the entertainment center. They are all plugged in to largely unused circuits shared by unoccupied rooms. This has never happened in the past, and the lights themselves never stop running and never lose power. If I'm watc
  13. I would agree about the color of the letters. That red will light up, but won't be as bright as the white would be, and may get lost with the other colors. I did something similar (not as nice as yours), but you can see the difference between the red and white: Attached files
  14. That looks pretty sharp! How will it be lit? Is it backlit (translucent plexi) or lit with floods from the front? What size is it, and how far from the street will it be?
  15. My first year, every time it rained...out go the lights. Living in Atlanta, it's usually not cold enough to snow, but December usually gets a LOT of rain. So for the next year, I made small PVC "caps" to cover the connections, while keeping them elevated. Lights haven't popped since. And for more connections, like 8 plugs for leaping arches, I use a large piece of PVC. Very cheap, and very effective. Maybe overkill, but I only had to make them once.
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