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  1. Hey James, My mom loves VH this would be a great surprise. is this only the singing faces or are there other elements included? if there are other elements I would love this (I do not have singing faces) josh.bruce.1987@gmail.com
  2. Hey James, any chance I could get this as well? josh.bruce.1987@gmail.com
  3. What kind of landscape lighting can be ran off of one? I have to replace one as it's not dimming properly anymore so this might be a good use for it!
  4. I know, it's is crazy how much is spent on this! Maybe I'll have to just go with the flow and switch to smart pixels for Christmas shows... heres a halloween picture to give ya an idea, I have 6 of them in my show
  5. Until this topic is moved I created a similar question in the general hardware (as I am in need of this as well), but if anyone has any advice please feel free to PM me!!
  6. So I use a lot of the CMB24D's in my Halloween display (mainly for strip lighting some Skeleton and stuff). I know that Smart pixels is the way to go but I have some areas where I would like to get another holiday out of the good ole dumb RGB's. Any recommendations on dumb pixels and bulbs? I would prefer some C9's or maybe a pixel with a C9 diffuser on it, but I cant seem to find anything that will work... So I am turning to the forums for help!!
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