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  1. I used a "For Sale By Owner" (real estate style) sign frame, cut out a piece of 1/4" plywood, painted the plywood black and made the letters with a fluorescent yellow paint. I put a sign off to each side of the yard for traffic and have a blue light spot light shining on them. The blue is subtle and does not shine onto the house (not noticeably anyways) and makes the letters pop but not too bright. The sign frame keeps it about 16" off the ground. I'll post a pic when I get home later. Everything is available at Lowes or home depot. I might add that I put the sign lights on a timer and do not
  2. MHO I would place the second set of light strings directly opposite of the one you will be connecting it to. I will look really cool. I will attempt to upload a video showing mine performing the look you should get.
  3. The fact that the top is fuller than the bottom is because the number of strands are the same but the area they populate is smaller. My tree is 20' plus another 5' for the topper and my base is 9 1/2' in dia. I used 16 runs of RGB dumb ribbons (2 end to end) and was able to go around 2 times.
  4. I agree with Jim on this, I had a controller last year that blew 3 fuses before I realized it was a bad extension cord causing a short. Also, the controller will still power up with only one power input, I found that out at that time as well.
  5. Looks Great! I really like what you did with the pixels/bulbs.
  6. This is great! I feel soo much better Although my wife thinks we are all a little, well really addicted
  7. Looks great! I gotta look into those, don't have any experience in pixel editor to criticize But I think you did great!
  8. OK, since this is my first year with LOR and I had been sequencing since August, I can't help but want to go outside and sit in my car to watch my show over and over! When I am at the store or listening to the radio and Christmas music plays (especially when one of my songs plays) I am "sequencing in my head! SHH, don't tell anyone , since I don't go outside to watch my show, I sit and listen to the music (from the show) playing and watching the show in my head! Am I "normal" or am I addicted
  9. Thanks!! I wasn't so sure with some them, but in the end, I have been really happy with the results.....by the sound of the car stereos sitting outside blaring, I'm not alone!
  10. The link didn't work for me either, it just goes to youtube with a general search results for Christmas music.
  11. Thanks for all the great feedback! It's always nice to hear that all your hard work paid off and that others like your work as well Here is the link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/justaddmorelights/ It shows me building them and whatnot, if you scroll down through our posts, the post is dated Oct. 20th I believe. This is a more direct link: https://www.facebook.com/justaddmorelights/photos/pcb.957766080984818/957759284318831/?type=3&theater Enjoy!
  12. Thanks!! The lights around the windows are actually 4 different colored C7 lights that are installed into "boxes" that I made for each window (4 channels per window). The trees out front are RGB ribbons though. I have 48 channels plus the 24 channels for the trees, all LOR.
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