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  1. I always use led keeper to help me diagnose and repair my lights. Never had any trouble I started testing this weekend, and I have 8 sets of led lights, all of which the exact same problem. Exactly half of each strand doesn’t work at all. Using Led Keeper, all lights test fine. The common thing in each strand is the lights are out just beyond the “rectifier”. At least that’s what I think that thing is called. Any solutions? Lastly, as I’ve experienced before, all of these lights worked fine when I took them down and stored them for summer. Thanks guys
  2. I spent the money last year and bought a bunch of strings of sealed C9 bulbs. They are from one of the vendors that are spoken so well of here in the forum. My question is, during takedown of my lights from my trees, I noticed that a lot, and I mean lot of the lenses were full of water. And it doesn’t matter which way I turn them, if I shake them, nothing will get that water out. One, why did this happen, and two, the only way I see to remove the water is to drill a small hole in the lens. Do you agree?
  3. Haven’t solved the problem yet, it’s too cold out now, but I unplugged everything to the controller in question, and it did stay on when I played the show. So that’s. Good I suppose. Tomorrow I will take the advice given and plug things back in one at a time as the show plays, and wait for the kaboom.
  4. Right fuse. Controllers are stored inside my house. Factory case. No critters or any damage I can see in the box. As I said, it was working last week.
  5. I’m sorry. The CTB16. I have 2 separate cords for each 8 channels.
  6. I have never blown fuses in four years of this hobby. I’ve went through 5 just today. I have what I would consider a pretty small amount of LED only on one controller. Every time the show starts, it come on for about a second and pops the fuse. I unplugged the first 8 channels. Blew it. Did the other 8. Blew it again. There is NO WAY that controller is overloaded with the small amount of lights going to it. I have already checked every single string for any problems and I don’t see anything. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ll also add that it worked last week. I ran the show for about
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. The TSO card that came with his package, came with the normal lms files, LOREDIT files, LID files, and two different sets of mp3 files. Running ShowTime Suite 4, then upgraded to 5, back down to 3 and ALL will not let me edit those sequences. He saved all files to his laptop, and when we try and edit the lms files, it says it is a protected sequence, and there aren't even any channels that show up. I copied the files to my laptop, tried to edit them with the same results. Running the LOREDIT files, does nothing. Could it be a bad card
  8. He bought the editable version
  9. I’m not a newbie, but I managed to get my brother involved in our hobby this year. He bought the TSO starter package, and he says after each song, there is about one minute between songs with the lights doing random things. How does he eliminate the space in between songs on that TSO card? i know I’ve read this exact topic before, but I can’t find it.
  10. Pick a date. Then start about two weeks before that date as things are bound to go wrong. Ex: I picked Oct 15 to start last year. Well, it rained every friggin day it seemed like. Put me way behind and I never recovered. If I had started Oct 1 I think I would have been ok
  11. Thanks for the responses everyone. Would you mind elaborating on the “vent flaps” for a simple minded person like myself? lol
  12. I am making two huge displays using coroplast. I have watched a couple of videos linked off of planetchristmas in which the poster used wood for his frames. I wasn't crazy about that idea, because of the condition of the wood over time, weight, etc... Just so you know when I say huge, I'm talking about the car I have drawn, 1937 Oldsmobile from A Christmas Story uses two sheets of Coro, so that's 4 ft tall and 16 foot long (Actually used another foot and a half of another sheet to finish the roof). The other display is Cousin Eddie's RV from Christmas Vacation. It uses a total of four sheets o
  13. James, would you mind? Thank you. Really appreciated. roxxxtar74@gmail.com
  14. Last year, I would have bet my life someone was cutting some of the lights along my driveway. Every morning, I'd wake up to find another strand of lights cut. Turned the security cameras that way only to find that Bugs Bunny was having a bite to eat.
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