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  1. Was just enlightened to this group by my S/O's daughter. Who loves the group. Could I get whatever you have by them? Frank@customdigitalinc.com
  2. 16 channel non RGB here as well. 1st year. I only have a few but will send you what I have. Would you mind sending me yours? Frank@customdigitalinc.com
  3. You're on a roll. This one too please if you don't mind. Thank's Frank@customdigitalinc.com
  4. My girlfriends daughters will love me if I had uptown funk. Can I get a copy please ? Frank@customdigitalinc.com Thanks
  5. This one too please. I love TSO Frank@customdigitalinc.com Thanks
  6. Yes please. If you are still sharing. Frank@customdigitalinc.com Thanks
  7. Me too please if you don't mind. Frank@customdigitalinc.com
  8. This is awesome. Thanks! May save me from having 16 sets to replace immediately.
  9. First year doing LOR. I decided to go w LED right off the bat to avoid any need to upgrade later, not have to deal w "one bulb goes out whole string goes out", increased power requirements etc. so, I bought 16 sets of LED lights to use w a CTB16PCg3 controller. The lights are the multi function type where they have 8 different "modes" or whatever they ante. Flash, fade, twinkle, solid, etc. Obviously I don't want these features as I'll be using LOR to control all those functions. I figured I'd just sent them "solid" and be good to go. That's not proving to be the case. I'll set them at solid, but they don't always stay in that mode. After unplugging and plugging back in, or after using the LOR controller to turn the strings (channels) on and off, the strings change modes and are no longer on "solid". These are the light string types I bought. 10M 100 LED Fairy Light String Red LED Lights for Christmas Party Xmas https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005LTS4RG/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_WiKuwbM58ZD6T https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005LTS4RG/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_WiKuwbM58ZD6T Did I mess up? Can you not use the multi function LED strings w LOR? I honestly don't know if I could find LED lights that DONT have those multi function abilities. Did I just mess up by getting the cheap sets from China off amazon? Do all sets lose their "mode" settings after losing power? Anyone ever opened one of the (8 function) control boxes up and bypassed the flashing portion so it's just solid all the time? Let me know where I screwed up. Thanks
  10. Love TSO Christmas songs. Give me goosebumps. Would love a copy of this please. Frank@customdigitalinc.com THank's
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