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  1. Ok, first off, this sequence was created in Xlights so their technique might be a bit different. In LOR, if you had a GIF of the dancing elf, Santa, and Gingerbread, you can easily import their animation into your LOR sequence. Any GIF can be added to your sequence but the problem is, most GIF's you see on the web have a much higher resolution that what can be displayed on a matix. Finding one that still looks good once it's on the matrix is the real trick. Look for lower quality GIF's and they will look the closest to what you really see. So, if you find a gif that's 24 x 50 pixels (or whatever your matrix is), then it should look exact. Anything bigger than that, and you'll have to be far away to understand what it looks like.
  2. I have to say that I attended and besides LOR, Wired Watts, and Xlights, all the other vendors couldn't have cared less if you was there or not. Some of them looked at you and then put their head back down. If you want to see something spectacular, spend March at Transworld's Halloween & Attractions show. It has had more Christmas lights in it then this show did. Before all of you jump on me for hijacking this thread, please don't. I don't mean any disrespect at all. I went to this show, enjoyed it for about an hour and moved on. The one I'm talking about above will take you easily 2 days to see everything. I'm sure the workshops are where it's at...I probably made the mistake of not going to one.
  3. I will actually be in Vegas during the same time. I don't have tickets yet but I want to go. All depends on how I bowl in the Nationals.
  4. Yes, I agree doing it globally is a much better idea than at the sequence level. I am using S5 (started using it this year) so I wanted to make sure I understood where the change was being made. At the prop level or in the HU are both global so I'm guessing either one would get the job done.
  5. Oh! I did not think of that. All my pixel controllers are Pixcon16's so I'm sure they have the ability in Hardware. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!
  6. Guess I should have read the help file: Use the Linear Curves for traditional lights. The percentage at the end of the curve name indicates the maximum brightness. Use the Pixel Curves for RGB pixels. The percentage at the end of the curve name indicates the maximum brightness. Use the Strobe Curve for strobes. It will prevent intermediate values (e.g. 50%) from reaching the string. I wish you could set the intensity on groups since I have a 24 x50 matrix and to change the intensity as a whole, it's 24 of the same motions...the group (text in blue) doesn't seem to have the ability to set intensities.
  7. So, just so I'm clear in my head. You are doing a dimming curve of "pixel curve 30%" correct? Or is there something else that I'm missing. Thanks for your response.
  8. I've seen several people talk about running their pixels at x% intensity. Are you using the intensity option on the effect itself or are you going into the prop and setting the "Pixel curve" or "Linear curve" on each port? How exactly are you doing the reduction of a pixel's intensity....I've always been running them at default, which might be 100% I don't know. Thanks for any information!
  9. Wait...let's talk...you mean a 24x50 matrix right? I'm converting to S5 this year so please tell me how it can be done because I'm in need of another Pixcon16 for my light tunnel. You have my interest.
  10. I agree that it's not the best utilization of a box but again...with my train of thought...the box is plastic and doesn't conduct electricity so I just mount a pixcon16 all by it's lonesome in a 1500 box (I guess I could use a smaller box but some company out there makes a mounting plate that makes it so easy). I know for a fact that I could reduce the amount of boxes I use for my show but, I'm just too afraid to do it. haha.
  11. haha! No, I like wasting money so for my 24x50 matrix, I use two Pixcon16 cards, one utilizing both banks and one using only one banks (8 channels). So I'm actually using three banks so that's why I have three PSU's. So technically, I could expand my matrix by another 8 channels since I have another power supply doing absolutely nothing. Like I said, I know it's a waste of money but I just never can comprehend all this electrical amps/watts talk so I just do what I know. I'm envious of those who can understand that but either I'm too stupid to or I have never been able to focus enough to grasp it. haha! Like testing the draw of a set of lights...I feel like that's up there with flying a plane. People say it's simple but never use simple terms to make it understandable. haha Again, probably just me. Let me give you an example of how scared/stupid I am with electrical stuff. I bought some wifi controlled light switches for my porch lights and I just about had an anxiety attack just taking off the old switch and putting on the new one. I got it done and proud/amazed that I actually did it.
  12. Public Service announcement. In that first video, and you wouldn't believe how many times I hear it, that "chirping" you hear in the background is YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR telling you that the battery needs replaced!! I can't believe people leave that thing chirping for days, weeks, months! So, learn something from the video besides lights, you hear any chirping in your house, go find out which smoke detector it is and change the battery. We don't want to have a video where testing lights turns to calling the fire department! Otherwise, enjoyed the video. As far as boxes people use to keep things dry, I use the CableGuard 1500. Don't pay more than like $20 for one though as they are available in a ton of places for under that. Different model numbers are different sizes if you need something else. The 1500 is big enough for two power supplies. I don't combine my card and power supplies in the same box so my matrix has four (explained below) boxes, two for just the controllers and the other two is the power supplies. Also, to make things easy for me, I just use one power supply per bank. So, since a Pixcon16 has two banks, I just go ahead and use two power supplies. I know I'm not using the power supply anywhere close to the 80% load that you shouldn't go over per power supply. My matrix is 24 strands of 50 pixels each so based on that, I use three power supplies. Like I said, probably overkill but since power supplies cost so little, I don't see any reason to do anything different.
  13. Haha! I bowl in the National Bowling Tournament at South Point but I got a free week stay at Caesars Palace which just happens to be very close to Flamingo BLVD. I might have to check this out.
  14. Oh wow! I will be in Vegas exactly at that time.
  15. K6ccc, I've trying to think of a way to do this for years without damaging my roof and what you've described here is nothing short of genius. Thank you.
  16. Let's just clear up a few things here: 1) I didn't create that website so it's obvious that I had to do at least SOME research. 2)In your original post, you just said Rangestar and 05B, it seems that maybe I found a similar model made by Rangestar that wasn't the same as yours. 3)I was just telling people to be careful. The sometimes caustic attitudes that get thrown around here is not pushing the conversation in a positive direction. I know it will end mine to others.
  17. Let's be careful about some of the suggestions that have come out of this thread. When you look at this link: https://sourcefmtransmitter.com/shop/failsafe-rangestar-fm-transmitter/ You will see that the Rangestar 05B is not approved by the FCC. I don't know the law but that's enough information for me to know that the reason it works really well might be because it's range is no approved. Just be careful.
  18. Here is their response: "No changes to the card this year, it is just a matter of getting parts and building them. They should be back in stock in 6 weeks (or less)." Now we all know. Thanks to the help desk.
  19. ok ok..haha I created a help desk ticket. I'll let you all know why when I get a response.
  20. That is one way to get an answer but since I don't need a answer so bad that I have to add to their workload to answer something that maybe someone on here has already asked and got a response for. I figured if someone knew, they could respond when they got time.
  21. I've been keeping my eye on the online store for a Pixcon16 (or two) and I noticed that there is none for 2020. Well, it's now February of 2021 and they are still not available. Does anyone know when they will be back in stock? Are they going through some sort of change? Or is it just the limited availability of parts to make them? Thanks in advance!
  22. Ok, I will take a look. Since I simplified the overall look of the tunnel, I should be able to figure it out now. It's really basically a matrix you walk under since it will be 16x50 RGB....so I have different choices. Thanks JR!
  23. I've decided to convert this light tunnel to RGB lights and instead of having the "zigzag" lights, I'm going to measure the distance and then, using, math, figure out 16 archways within that space so that each light string will be on it's own archway. So, now I have to still figure out how to make an archway in the S5 Preview but I think what I'm going to do will look better in the end anyways.
  24. 7 Uprights plus 6 spaces so there is 13 channels used to control the archway in total. Yes, each upright is a separate channel. And each space between the uprights are also separate channels. All I do is chase type sequences on the tunnel so that each upright having a separate channel seems to give me that ability.
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