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  1. Let's just clear up a few things here: 1) I didn't create that website so it's obvious that I had to do at least SOME research. 2)In your original post, you just said Rangestar and 05B, it seems that maybe I found a similar model made by Rangestar that wasn't the same as yours. 3)I was just telling people to be careful. The sometimes caustic attitudes that get thrown around here is not pushing the conversation in a positive direction. I know it will end mine to others.
  2. Let's be careful about some of the suggestions that have come out of this thread. When you look at this link: https://sourcefmtransmitter.com/shop/failsafe-rangestar-fm-transmitter/ You will see that the Rangestar 05B is not approved by the FCC. I don't know the law but that's enough information for me to know that the reason it works really well might be because it's range is no approved. Just be careful.
  3. Here is their response: "No changes to the card this year, it is just a matter of getting parts and building them. They should be back in stock in 6 weeks (or less)." Now we all know. Thanks to the help desk.
  4. ok ok..haha I created a help desk ticket. I'll let you all know why when I get a response.
  5. That is one way to get an answer but since I don't need a answer so bad that I have to add to their workload to answer something that maybe someone on here has already asked and got a response for. I figured if someone knew, they could respond when they got time.
  6. I've been keeping my eye on the online store for a Pixcon16 (or two) and I noticed that there is none for 2020. Well, it's now February of 2021 and they are still not available. Does anyone know when they will be back in stock? Are they going through some sort of change? Or is it just the limited availability of parts to make them? Thanks in advance!
  7. Ok, I will take a look. Since I simplified the overall look of the tunnel, I should be able to figure it out now. It's really basically a matrix you walk under since it will be 16x50 RGB....so I have different choices. Thanks JR!
  8. I've decided to convert this light tunnel to RGB lights and instead of having the "zigzag" lights, I'm going to measure the distance and then, using, math, figure out 16 archways within that space so that each light string will be on it's own archway. So, now I have to still figure out how to make an archway in the S5 Preview but I think what I'm going to do will look better in the end anyways.
  9. 7 Uprights plus 6 spaces so there is 13 channels used to control the archway in total. Yes, each upright is a separate channel. And each space between the uprights are also separate channels. All I do is chase type sequences on the tunnel so that each upright having a separate channel seems to give me that ability.
  10. Ok, I have this light tunnel that I created for kids to walk through. It used to be much bigger and wrap all the way to the front porch. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the math right this year so I decided to only make it as big as the picture shows now. This year, I've decided to migrate to S5, and I don't have a clue how to create a prop to cover this item. So, that's why I'm asking anyone here that knows props well to see if they can help me. Here is the detail on this tunnel. There are 7 uprights that are controlled by an AC controller (unit 01) and there is 50 lights on each.
  11. Since this thread is getting attention.. what scan rate should the P5 panels be? I've seen 1/8, 1/16, ect. I think earlier it mattered which scan rate you used. Is that still the case? I'm also looking to buying P5 Panels.
  12. I have been running mine every night since December 4th and I have yet to see any issues. I have a 24x50 matrix hanging over one of the front porch windows and the Director is in between the window and the matrix so it's sheltered by the weather, other than the cold. I can look out the window and see what song the director is on. I also have it on a timer that turns it on and off everyday. Of those experiencing problems, do you leave it on constantly or what? Mine is setup to play the show anyytime the director has power.
  13. I think I'm going to add a 16 arch pixel fountain this year. Here is my idea. Using 1" Pex tubing, and flag pole holders (that holds a 1" flag pole), I will put them in a circle and and then have 16 arches sprouting out of it. This will take up a large amount of yard but I think when sequenced, will look amazing. I'm thinking each arch will only be 2.5 meters in length. I'm looking for some cheap ways to secure the pixel strips inside the Pex tubing so if anyone has used anything for them, I'm up for suggestions.
  14. BluMan


    You asked very clear questions and this hobby has several ways to do things. You first need to understand that Pixels are DC based and the controller you started with, just guessing was an AC based controller. You can't run pixels on that AC controller (this answer is solely based on if the controller you used was just for department store light strings). LOR offers several different Pixel controllers that are best for different things. We can help you for sure, just need to know what you plan on doing with the pixels (matrix, tree, house outline, arches, ect.) cause it's a bit easier
  15. I'd like to add that while the HUB is doing it's thing with the sequences and music files that there is no progress bar or an hourglass mouse icon so there was several times when creating a 22 sequence show that I thought it had locked up.. and when I clicked on it, it said Not Responding in title. Eventually, I just let it go (I think it was Frozen!)(get it?!) and it did what it was supposed to. But visually, there is no indication what sequence number it's working on or anything. Figured if your going to fix a bug, might as well add Mouse.Hourglass=True to the thing! haha!
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