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  1. Awesome! Here's what I mean with S5. IF your sequence has multiple networks (like traditional LOR and DMX), when using the sequence editor, unless those networks are physically available at the time you test them, you will get the error your seeing that it can't play it back because a certain com port is not available. To get around this, in the sequence editor, on the right hand side is a tab called "Control Lights" or something very similar to that. In that tab, it will list all the com ports that certain sequence uses. If you want to test the DMX only, you will simply uncheck the checkbox on all the other com ports and then it will play. You don't need to change your LOR network to none because if you forget to put it back, you will not have lights working on those networks and you'll be pulling your hair out then. This particular unchecking of currently unused com ports is different than it used to be in S4. Again, at least I think so. haha! Well, no matter what, you have stepped forward enough to know that the lights work.
  2. To truly help you, we need to see a screenshot of your DMX Network Configuration screen. My guess is since you are just starting to use DMX, you have the adapter assigned to a LOR Network and not the DMX universes. You first need to unassign it from the LOR Network before you can reassign it to the DMX universe. Also, if you are using the LOR USB485B adapter, then the protocol must be raw DMX. Other than that, when you go to play your sequence, if you have other LOR networks in your show, you have to disable (uncheck) those com ports in the control lights tab in the lower right (if I remember correctly). In S4, it didn't matter, but in S5, you will not be able to play those sequences if the com port is not available live. Those are my guesses.
  3. in S5? Maybe I'm doing something wrong. In S4, each frame was shown separately in the grid and you could adjust the size of each frame to slow it down or speed it up. I have not found a way yet to do that in S5. I'll keep trying.
  4. There is a speed slider but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the actual speed of the gif. It always plays at the speed it was saved at. Thanks for the input Dibblejr, I'm working on a "Disco Night" show and wanted some of the animations to display faster or slower. I know there is external programs online that will change the speed of the gif for you but unless you know the percentage of increase or decrease, you will never get it right.
  5. How do you "speed up" the animation? Lets say I want to take a gif and play it slightly faster? in S4 when you imported each frame, you could adjust each frame to make the animation have a custom speed. Thanks!
  6. I'm impressed! I would love a copy of this cswisher@kmwperformance.com I know it sounds bad but I never share anyone's work with anyone as that's what they requested. It's sad that we've come to that. Just know, your sequence will be shinning on the street where I live! Right where it should be!
  7. Ok, first off, this sequence was created in Xlights so their technique might be a bit different. In LOR, if you had a GIF of the dancing elf, Santa, and Gingerbread, you can easily import their animation into your LOR sequence. Any GIF can be added to your sequence but the problem is, most GIF's you see on the web have a much higher resolution that what can be displayed on a matix. Finding one that still looks good once it's on the matrix is the real trick. Look for lower quality GIF's and they will look the closest to what you really see. So, if you find a gif that's 24 x 50 pixels (or whatever your matrix is), then it should look exact. Anything bigger than that, and you'll have to be far away to understand what it looks like.
  8. I have to say that I attended and besides LOR, Wired Watts, and Xlights, all the other vendors couldn't have cared less if you was there or not. Some of them looked at you and then put their head back down. If you want to see something spectacular, spend March at Transworld's Halloween & Attractions show. It has had more Christmas lights in it then this show did. Before all of you jump on me for hijacking this thread, please don't. I don't mean any disrespect at all. I went to this show, enjoyed it for about an hour and moved on. The one I'm talking about above will take you easily 2 days to see everything. I'm sure the workshops are where it's at...I probably made the mistake of not going to one.
  9. I will actually be in Vegas during the same time. I don't have tickets yet but I want to go. All depends on how I bowl in the Nationals.
  10. Yes, I agree doing it globally is a much better idea than at the sequence level. I am using S5 (started using it this year) so I wanted to make sure I understood where the change was being made. At the prop level or in the HU are both global so I'm guessing either one would get the job done.
  11. Oh! I did not think of that. All my pixel controllers are Pixcon16's so I'm sure they have the ability in Hardware. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!
  12. Guess I should have read the help file: Use the Linear Curves for traditional lights. The percentage at the end of the curve name indicates the maximum brightness. Use the Pixel Curves for RGB pixels. The percentage at the end of the curve name indicates the maximum brightness. Use the Strobe Curve for strobes. It will prevent intermediate values (e.g. 50%) from reaching the string. I wish you could set the intensity on groups since I have a 24 x50 matrix and to change the intensity as a whole, it's 24 of the same motions...the group (text in blue) doesn't seem to have the ability to set intensities.
  13. So, just so I'm clear in my head. You are doing a dimming curve of "pixel curve 30%" correct? Or is there something else that I'm missing. Thanks for your response.
  14. I've seen several people talk about running their pixels at x% intensity. Are you using the intensity option on the effect itself or are you going into the prop and setting the "Pixel curve" or "Linear curve" on each port? How exactly are you doing the reduction of a pixel's intensity....I've always been running them at default, which might be 100% I don't know. Thanks for any information!
  15. Wait...let's talk...you mean a 24x50 matrix right? I'm converting to S5 this year so please tell me how it can be done because I'm in need of another Pixcon16 for my light tunnel. You have my interest.
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