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  1. The Servo Dog is not just for servos, it has two separate high current PMW (dimming) outputs that can be used to dim LEDs. This function is perfect for eyes that dim and brighten on figures for extra special effects. The on/off outputs that are on the servo dog board will drive a relay, but it has to be a small 5volt relay with a diode to suppress any EMF (voltage spikes when the relay turns off). the inputs work just like the Input Pup LOR sells.
  2. Using pre-made purchased figures for any hacking project does have its challenges. You have to stick to the way the MFG did things, In the case of Squawkers McCaw, they use the same pair of wires for both the eyes blink and the mouth movement. To use a servo dog with this parrot, you will need two relays and two servo dog output channels (On/Off). Servo dog channel one, is for the relay and it will switch polarity between the wires (relay energized=eyes, relay not energized=mouth). Second servo dog channel relay will send 6volts to the desired motion (eyes/mouth). And that is just the face, mo
  3. <SOLVED> It seems windows xp gets confused on what part of LOR to load and when to load it. The way I fixed my issue was to load the same version OVER the existing one. Win xp will not let you do that, but instead displays a box with the "modify, repair or remove" options. clicking on the repair option several times corrected my issues, I had to click on the repair option 11 times before LOR 8.2. would completely load with NO issues. I assuming the 11 times was for 11 problems with my LOR install.
  4. The scenario you have listed is certainly do-able. However the CMB24 only has 3 inputs, so the InputPup would have to be used if you wanted more than 3 "scenes". As for the scenes themselves, they would be actual LOR sequences. These sequences could be very simple or highly detailed and could be changed easily (as you have mentioned for the holidays).
  5. Best Bacon Dessert ..... Chocolate Covered Bacon...... YUM ! Make it at home...but don't use the semi-sweet chocolate chips like most of the internet recipes call for, use only milk chocolate ! Fry the bacon, dab the grease off, dip in melted chocolate (double broiler, or microwaved) let dry eat
  6. Hello my name is Vic, and I love fruitcake. I can eat a small loaf in one sitting. The smell is wonderfull, like a new spring day. The crunch of the nuts, the gooeey sticky stuff. Its all good to me.
  7. I have the excact same issue now with a install of LOR 3.8.2. I have tried everything you mentioned above. It seems windows XP is missing a certain file needed by LOR to run - hince the loop. Have you found a fix? The thread/linksuggestions, suggested by Bob is a dead link
  8. I have the excact same issue now with a install of LOR 3.8.2. I have tried everything you mentioned above. It seems windows XP is missing a certain file needed by LOR to run - hince the loop. Have you found a fix?
  9. Wow; the Medusa board looks like it will control a complete skeleton display, servo for the head, LED for the eyes, pneumatic valves for the arms!
  10. The addition and use of the DIO16IOD daughter board to the DIO32 “kind of” simplifies the connection of servos. By “kind of”, I mean you have screw terminals to connect the servos control wire to, but the three pin connector on the servo would have to be removed. The servo power wires would connect to your power supply. There is no place on the DIO16IOD to connect the servo power wires. If there is enough interest in 16+ servo control with LOR hardware, Light O rama "may" (hint hint) create a 16 servo daughter board for the DIO32.
  11. On the DIO32 there are 16 standard servo "plug and go" connections. Another 16 servos can be connected to the DIO32 with additional hardware, for a total of 32 servo control ports. Keep in mind, power for the servos must be from an external power supply, you cannot use the on-board DIO32 power supply. I have both the ServoDog and the DIO32; I love the DIO 32 for its expandability. The ServoDog is limited to 8 servo ports, (6 if you use the PMW LED option) and 6 input ports. The DIO can be configured for any combination (in banks of 8) of digital inputs, digital outputs and servo outputs. Bot
  12. Team Viewer Works great, no firewall issues, password protected Very nice program, I use it to help my mom in San Diego - I'm in Palm Springs. www.teamviewer.com Free for privite use
  13. If the power supply is old - about 6-10 years, the caps inside the power supply may have dried out. Dried out caps tend to not filter the DC current/voltage well. Bad filtering of the current or "garbage" on the voltage output line will cause any electronic curcuit (including the Servo Dog) to do strange things when powered by this power supply.
  14. Don't forget, Dan mentioned that a new "input pup board" (LOR inputs) will be coming soon.
  15. There is a book available called “A Guide to Animated Holiday Displays” Ebay does not have it but Amazon does, here is the link http://www.amazon.com/Animatronics-Holiday-Displays-Edwin-Wise/dp/0790612194/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1343157299&sr=8-1&keywords=a+guide+to+animated+holiday+displays it’s a bit pricey, but it does have some good ideas.
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