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  1. I would definitely be interested in participating!
  2. Good news - I found the proper *.lee file and got my old props in there. I think you remember my name from when I posted about the best way to hang the faces on my house - people responded with the suggestion to build wooden frames for them. And I was able to successfully import the Ralphie and Elden props into my preview, so I'm good there as well! Phew!
  3. Oh wait! I think I found where the file was stored! YAY!!!!!
  4. I bought Ralphie and Elden - but it's not the faces I'm concerned about. It's all my other stuff in my program that I already had set up in my visualization in S4. I have 5 controllers programmed, with a spiral tree, three poles, and other stuff - that's the stuff I don't want to have to recreate if I don't have to. I was hoping I could just import my visualizer file that I used in S4.
  5. I already uninstalled S4 as part of the installation of S5, so all I have are my lcc and lcc.bak files themselves.
  6. Was using S4 Advanced and upgraded to S5 Pro today into to add singing faces to my program this year. Went to import my visualization preview that I've been using for the past 5 years and I can't figure out how to do it. Do I really have to recreate the whole thing from scratch?
  7. We did not do a show in 2020. Out of our typical display we only put out about 15 lighted animals and a couple inflatables, and called it a day. This year I'm going all out. New props, new songs, every lighted animal (we have about 80), and all the inflatables (about a dozen). The new props this year are two singing Christmas trees and four mini Christmas trees made from tomato cages that I've had in my shed for YEARS. I made the first mini-tree last weekend and was very pleased. I'll make the other three this weekend. To celebrate the new props, my husband challenged me to create six new songs for this year's show. I've downloaded the songs I'll be adding, and hope to find pre-existing sequences to get a jump start. Either way, I'm looking forward to 2021's show!
  8. I got two singing faces, which I'm very happy about since I missed on getting them last year. I received them a few days ago and they are HUGE. Wondering how people hang them on their house? They seem VERY heavy AND the plastic is a bit bendy, so I need to know what people do to hang them. Our plan was to hang them in the big open space over our garage. Right now we only have a 48" lighted wreath there and I'd love to have a face on each side of the wreath. The wreath is light enough that we use fishing line to hang it from a nail in the rafter, but we can't do that with the faces. Ideas, please!
  9. Oh my word. I can't tell you how many times I read that product page and didn't see that bullet point! I'm an idiot. *lol*
  10. Question. Have taken a break from LOR stuff since the 2019 season. If I'm able to successfully buy 2 singing trees in the sale, do I just need to get the Pixie4 to run them both? This will be my first pixel product purchase and I want to make sure I'm getting the right things. And I trust that the Pixie4 comes enclosed in a protective case of some kind versus just being just the motherboard that is pictured on the website? Pixie4 Smart Pixel controller (lightorama.com) Although looking at the sale prices, would it make sense to just get a Pixel 16 so I've already got room for more pixels when the time comes???....
  11. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to get 2 at regular price. I HAD to get them during them during the sale. I could sort of justify getting 2 at sale price, but my husband would be fit to be tied if I paid the full listing price for them. Hopefully next year I'll be able to snag them.
  12. I was so sad to miss out on the Christmas tree singing faces. That evening the sale started my family was hunkered down trying to avoid a tornado - by the time I logged on when the storm was all over, all four singing faces were sold out. =(
  13. Never mind. We fixed them. We unplugged all five boxes and replugged them in. All working now.
  14. Have been working for six hours to get everything plugged in today, only to discover two of my five boxes might be bad. They are the two I added to my show last year. *sigh*
  15. I picked up some of the RGB pixels - enough to do four decent sized fire sticks in 2020. I'll wait and buy the pixie controllers in the post-Christmas sale. I won't have time to incorporate these into my 2019 show anyway, since my focus is to create 5 mini trees and add those to my program for this year.
  16. July is when I start looking for songs. My display is much more simple than 99% of y'all, so I don't need a full year to program. The MOST exciting news is that my company bought a drone and has given me permission to have our resident drone flight manager come to my house to record my show this year! I'm SO excited about that!!!
  17. I'm another person who just finally added arches in 2018! No plans to replace with circles. But I would, like the OP, be interested in other types of patterns to run through the arches. 😁
  18. It's usually just me and my husband. Sometimes the kids help figure out where to put the lighted animals, or stake a few into the ground, but usually it's just me and hubby. This past year I did all the LOR stuff and he did the inflatables and animals.
  19. We set up our entire display in four days from Thanksgiving Thursday - Sunday, with lights going live that Sunday night.
  20. Yep, just got the email. Last year I bought three controllers (to bring my total to 5), and I'm very tempted to buy a couple more. My arches this year were great, and would love to add at least ONE more color to each of them - which would require 24 more channels! But then I also want to do mini trees this year, and if I do a set of 6 (two under each arch) I'd still need 2 controllers at a minimum because I'd do 3 colors per tree, for a total of 18 channels. Man, I need to win the lottery. Although if I won the lottery I'd probably start from scratch and invest in pixels. *lol*
  21. I have three arches. Each length of PVC pipe is about 9 feet long, with 6 inches at each end that are bare and get staked into the ground with rebar. Each individual arch has 8 channels on it, each section approximately one foot in length along the PVC. Each one-foot section is a single individual string of 100 white lights, tightly wrapped around the PVC pipe. I bought the arches from another member a couple years ago and just used them for the first time this year with great success. My husband said they were his favorite part of our display this year. Unfortunately, I don't have any video of my arches at work. I never got around to filming my yard this year.
  22. I think that is AMAZING!! Truly fantastic and so much fun.
  23. Yes, we make our own cords. This year alone I made 1500 feet of new cords. It's really easy and so much cheaper than buying from your local big box. This is the first year we were not super diligent about waterproofing. Despite tons of rain, we did not have any breakers trip during the season, unlike years past. Well we did have one breaker trip, but it was on a spotlight timer that sits outside our house 24/7/365 and that we've had for at least 5-6 years. Completely unrelated to the show itself. That's not to say that waterproofing shouldn't be done - I think it can be important. But this year we just never got around to it and our show was fine (and our area had the 8th rainiest December on record this year).
  24. We were going to wait and shut down our show on January 1, but the weather guys are calling for 10 days of rain with the only break being this Saturday. So we're going to break everything down on Saturday. It's just a few days early, but it's still sad that it has to come to an end. We had a good year - no vandalism to our display (a change of pace for us - I guess the kids in our neighborhood are finally growing up), and even with the copious amounts of rain we got, we had almost no issues with lights going out. On the repair side, I have one window wreath that needs new lights put on it once it comes down. But that's it - we had NO major issues to contend with this year! My boss came by the house over the weekend and really enjoyed walking around the yard seeing how everything was put together and the massive number of extension cords running into the garage. *lol* All in all it was a successful season and I'm looking forward to beginning work on 2019. We're going to make some mini-trees this year (I already have the lights and tomato cages), and I also hope to add at least two singing faces for 2019.
  25. A couple seasons ago I bought three 8-channel arches from a fellow LOR forum member. Was only able to add them to the show this year and I got a LOT of compliments on them, and my husband said they are his new favorite thing in the light show. Right now they are only white - my plan is to add red and green so that each arch is 24 channels, allowing even more wow factor next year.
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