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  1. Just reflowed the solder. And all is good.
  2. Thank you all that helped to diagnose my problems with the Pixie. It was the solder bridge that caused all the problems.
  3. I was looking at the IC2 chip on the back side of the circuit board you have 8 solder joints but 2 are bridged. Is this normal for a Pixie 4?
  4. Yes Gen 2, Dip switches set to all off,Tried different settings, Yes reset/Test button but on p31 , Chip in properly, Pixels will go through test when button is pushed.
  5. Pixie on network by it self is not found. Red lite is blinking steady. does not go solid on at all.
  6. Ok so I am trying to setup my Pixie 4, HU does not find it. I have tried cat5 cables, different adapters (Red), redownload software, tried both inputs on board, If I put a regular controller on HU finds it but if I daisy chain my Pixie 4 to it HU finds nothing.
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