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  1. I figure it won't take much to keep it warmer. I'll probably put it in a box of some sort so captures the heat. Since the director has done what I need, I was hoping it would be able to send direction to the Falcon. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. I have to figure on below freezing if not blizzard conditions. The blizzards don't usually hit until Jan, but sometimes they are early. To prevent heat loss the windows must be able to close all the way. It's probably the same idea as July/Aug in your area, just reverse temperatures. I have an old laptop I may try. It can run LOR.
  3. I find I'm good with the laptop. I tend to be on the front edge of things when I buy. But which one would you park in an uninsulated garage? The topic is actually the use of the director with the Falcon. As a secondary part is the relative functionality of the director and the computer. The differentiating factor for me being the uninsulated New England garage. Scott
  4. One thing I do like about the director, it's less of a concern having it on a wall in an unheated garage in New England. It's run at near zero degrees. I may take an older laptop and dedicate it to the show. At this time it would have to be in the garage. I run one network at this time. If I add the Falcon, it will probably be two networks one LOR and one E1:31.
  5. Thanks. I was afraid that would be the answer. If I'm following correctly, you have a computer running LOR software that has an ethernet connection to the E1.31 (basically the ethernet port on the computer). Do you also have a LOR network connected? Or, are you running everything by E1.31 controllers?
  6. I'm contemplating a Falcon F16v3 to gain the larger number of pixels. I run my show on a mini director (Mp3, Gen 3). I also have two older 5v CCR controllers, a `12v CCR controller and 3 CTB16s. I would like to continue using the director instead of dedicating a computer to running the show. Has anyone done this? Do you end up limited to 100 pixel strings? Thought? Thanks Scott sgmaitland The House on Adelaide St.
  7. My "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" hasn't been blocked or pulled. I credited Pantatonix in the text and permitted viewer contributions to the text. I also have a statement that I have no copywrite to the music. I also enter the artist in the tags. In the tags, I include the artist. I did receive a notice from YouTube that I have copywrited material. The notice indicated the holder had agreed with the sharing.
  8. So, it's Nov 28, 2017. I see where there have been previous questions about posting the contest winners. Is there any update on when the winners will be posted for last year's contests? While we're on the topic, will there be contests this year? I wasn't able to find anything. Thanks Scott
  9. Thanks folks! I made the leap. Things seem to work well. I haven't tested a show yet. Still catching the visualizer up with the hardware changes. I do know, I'm going to miss S5. Maybe I'll buy a new mini director when the tax returns are done. Thanks again, Scott
  10. Since I can't seem to get my CCP arches working in S5 with my pre Gen3 mini director, I think I'm going to have to revert back to S4. I'm running out of time before Christmas. Since I added 4 arches and a second 16 Channel controller, I have to update/modify most of my sequences. I've only worked with two sequences in S5, so there isn't much to do there. The question: has anyone uninstalled S5 and reverted to S4? Do I have to manually uninstall S4 first? Would just installing S4 overwrite S5? Thanks Scott
  11. The network is set as a regular network that is not enhanced. The ".play.lms" file is 43,266 KB. The ".play.lms.pe.lid" file size is 1KB. Scott
  12. I'm still having a problem. I think S5 is creating a subsequence (or something similar). I remember that the mini director won't run subsequences. The sequence created by converting the SS sequence was able to play. However, the full sequence won't play the arches. I've included some screenshots. What did I miss? Thanks!
  13. Awesome, thanks Thanks for taking time to answer folks questions. I'm sure you're insanely busy having a beta running just before Halloween and Christmas. Scott
  14. Thanks Matt.Can it be programmed they way I did in S4? That would be doing the arches in SS, then converting to a sequence and copying into S5.Would I be better off going back to S4 until I get a Gen 3? So an obvious next question, will the Gen3 Mini Director work or will I need the G3 MP3 DirectorScott
  15. Is anyone else using a pre-gen3 mini director with CCP strings/controllers in S5? I'm having difficulty getting the CCP portion of the show to work on the hardware. It's fine in the preview. I'm hoping it's working for someone else. Thanks
  16. Thanks! That solved my programming difficulty. I can now program the group in SS from S5. It plays correctly in S5. Now to figure out why it doesn't play on the mini director. Thanks again.
  17. It would be extremely helpful if there were a 1 click way to return to the beginning of the sequence. That would be handy in both S5 and SS. Scott
  18. Likewise, this one is probably me... I still can't get my arches to play. They work in the preview, but apparently there is nothing on the card. The arches are CCPs -two strings per controller, one string per arch. The SS4 version with 2 arches works. I created the preview from scratch and created the SS sequence using the insert function. I have a group for the arches. However, I had to sequence the arches one at a time. SS didn't behave well trying to program the group. Maybe someone can see what I missed. Thanks Scott
  19. I went through the process of assigning the network and units to the preview, even though everything showed correctly. That seems to have taken care of the two controllers. The three CCP controllers power up, but don't respond to the show. Since one CCP controller worked last year when programmed by SS4 and SS. So, I'm left with the conclusion that there is something I missed when programming in SS5 and SS or I need to update the firmware for the Show Director. I'm inclined to think it's in the programming. What did I miss? Thanks Scott
  20. Did you find a solution? I have been unable to check/update the firmware on my mini director. Thanks
  21. I should have mentioned. I did check the channels. In the preview, all of the channels are LOR Regular Network and units 01 or 02..
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