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  1. Thanks mega. I'm trying to find where someone either just synchronizes maybe some mega or spiral trees, mini trees, fire sticks and makes it really cool with only a couple select elements being synchronized with music and the rest static. Or a display without music and just animated lights. I just don't want to use the same songs and show I did last year. I have at my disposal, 2 spiral trees, 5 mini trees and 8 light balls (approx. The size of a beach ball). I can add more mini trees or a couple fire sticks. I just don't want to have to synchronize the house lights too because I don't have the time to figure out how to set them up or program differently than previous years.
  2. My wife wanted me to break from the show this year due to the time involved, but since has given me the green light to do it, but wanted me to change it up. I clearly don't have time for that, but was thinking about doing a simple, scaled down version where I really use mostly static lights and then have a couple synchronized individual elements that pop out. Anyone have any examples they could point me to of some small & classy, but really effective/creative shows? Pictures or videos would be great. Also, I don't use pixels. I'm purely led lights. Thanks for the help!
  3. As much as I hate to, I believe I'm going to have to miss this. I have to be back in Nashville by 5:30 and just can't take the chance with the gas problems. I asked some friends around chattanooga area and they said they're seeing the same thing. Thank you for having this again and am sick I have to miss.
  4. Are the gas problems as bad in Chattanooga as Nashville? There's an hour or more wait at the very few gas stations that still have some premium gas left. I'm sure they'll be out within another couple hours as well.
  5. After having conflicts the last 2 gatherings, I am finally going to be able to make it on Saturday. I have not been able to get up for working on my show this year and I'm sure this is just what I need to get the juices flowing. I look forward to meeting you all and learning lots - which I need a lot of "learning." Dennis, I'll check the old email you sent me to see what you were looking to sell and check with you to see what's still available if you're still thinking you might come. Rory
  6. I was really hoping the date of the spring mini was going to work for me because I missed the fall mini last year, but yet again I have a conflict. I will just have a pity party here and keep my fingers crossed a fall mini happens and that it does work for me this time. I'm extremely jealous of those of you attending! Rory (in Franklin)
  7. If you're still feeling generous. Rorymallard@comcast.net Thank you very much and happy Thanksgiving!
  8. I can't help myself....james, I would appreciate a copy of either or both if you're feeling generous, please. Thank you so much! Rorymallard@comcast.net
  9. Are any of the 16 channel still available? How old are they and are there any issues? Rorymallard@comcast.net Thanks!
  10. I am trying to light up for my first year and obviously, by all accounts, I am desperately out of time. I know this year will not be my best show and I should just put together the best show I can and focus on next year, but I can't help but think I either need to add more channels to add a few more elements or I need to figure out how to make the most of what I have already and make it look bigger or cleaner. I guess I'm struggling with what are the best elements to use and where to use the 32 channels I have now (Technically 48, but I have a 16 channel spiral tree that I have already built the spiral tree). I attached my visualizer file with what I have right now. I am, as of now, going to scrap lighting my eaves/roofline though I have them on the visualizer. If anyone would be willing to look at what I have to work with and make any suggestions, I would be very thankful for some feedback. So right now I am planning: 5 mini trees - 3 colors each I have 6 windows that will have wreaths at 3 colors each Spiral Tree - 1 color - 16 channels 1 large wreath - 3 colors 2 single color snowflakes Only colors are red, green, white. I am open to grouping windows to conserve channels or whatever anyone might suggest. Thank you in advance!!! I'm only panicking a little bit right now..... Rory
  11. Earl, I have been looking at this post for a year and just felt guilty asking for sequences, but if you're still giving them out, I sure would love some. Your trees are what got me into trying to do LOR for the 1st time this year. I'm overwhelmed but trying and this would be a great help. I can give you songs or you may choose what you think is most popular. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity for everyone! Rorymallard@comcast.net
  12. Thank you for this. It did help me get closer to something I think looks okay. Hopefully I can figure out how to fine tune it and continue to improve the look of the spirals.
  13. Does anyone have a 16 channel, single color, spiral tree sequence they would be willing to share with me? Specifically the 1st song I'm (still) working on is Carol of the Bells by Monique Danielle, but I would obviously be very grateful for any sequences someone would be willing to share. I just need to see some to get an idea. I have seen some offered on the forums, but I've had a hard time finding a single color 16 channel - I'm not feeling good enough yet to splice together 16 or more channels of multiple colors into 1. This is my first year doing (trying to do) a sequenced light show. Sequencing, in general, is not treating me kindly. I do feel like I'm finally starting to pick it up just a little bit. Feel like I had writers block or something getting started. I have spent countless hours pouring through the forums and really appreciate all the helpful information everyone takes time to post and feel a little guilty even asking for this!! rorymallard@comcast.net Thank you all in advance!! Rory
  14. Thank you all for the messages and advice! I am going to make every effort to be there and will let Doug know in advance if I can pull it off. I appreciate the invitation and look forward to it.
  15. I have just started purchasing my LOR set up this year, so I'm as green as they come. I would love to come to this, but I have a conflicting schedule. I know many of you have at least some, and likely a lot, of experience already. I would hate to take anything away from this by needing more remedial help, so please let me know if this would be better for me to wait until next year to attend so I have a better foundation. Otherwise. I am going to try to move some things to make this work and will let you know as soon as I am able. Rory
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