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  1. Yep.. happened to me earlier this week. Tried to install on a new computer and couldn't. Opened a help desk ticket and received and additional 3 licenses within three hours. They are SUPER busy this time of year so don't expect and instant reply...
  2. Jim is correct in that we need to know what type of controllers you have. Pixcon, Alphapix, Falcon, Advatek controllers will allow you to run 2 or more unviverses per port. This year I have many props that are close to using 2 universes. If your controller allows this you can make changes on the hardware side in the contoller web based interface. For example: on port (1) you universe start would be (1)...then on port (2) the universe start # would be (3)...port (3) would be universe start # (5)...etc. This allows you to utilize the 2 universes (up to 340 pixels) you need for your props without
  3. Are you trying to run the Alphapix through an LOR USB adapter? If you are, its not going to work. It needs to be attached to the Ethernet port
  4. My new tree... Don't mind the cricket sounds?. 32 strands x 150 pixels with a 140 degree veiw. You'll have to come over to see the new display. It'll be awesome to see your new stuff too. Do you plan on coming to the SoCal meeting in Corona on Saturday?
  5. Got my new computer a month back and it is a awesome! I'm adding 13,000 pixels to the display this year so I needed something better than a Black Friday $150 laptop. I have been working my @$$ off getting the props ready. My computer is running with...IntelĀ® Core i7-7700 Processor @ 3.6GHz with 32GB DDR4 (4-DIMM) 2400MHz RAM and a 1TB 7200RPM SATA3 Hard Drive + 256GB Solid State Drive with a 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics card. Can't wait to see how it all goes together and get things up and running this November!
  6. I'm building a 32x150 180 degree mega tree. So far I've got 15 strands done. The HD Mega Tree Strip from Boscoyo is the real deal! I've got the 1000' roll. It is so worth it if you can afford it.
  7. My monster singing faces are made of rope light and they too have areas that are almost a foot long or more that aren't being used for the prop. I just get black electrical tape and make a layer to black it out the light then a layer of white electrical tape to blend in with the prop. Then I hide it behind another peice of rope light within the same pattern and zip tie it off. In your case with the rebar if you go with electrical tape just leave it black. It would blend in nicely. With mine you can't even tell it's there at all... https://goo.gl/photos/n1NbSrUtm9QbSqSz9
  8. I have two CG1500 set up like this. No issues.
  9. I didn't make them myself. These along with MANY others are downloadable directly through xLights. Sorry, Its's a closed group at this time. There was a window of about a week for anyone to commit to the project and join. We all have been working on these for about a month now (I think). I have put in probably 50+ hours myself. This is my first time doing anything with xLights really. I'd like to think I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff. Every time I review it I ALWAYS find something that I feel I can make better which is why it took me so long. So Ill be much quicker the next t
  10. So, I'm getting into xLights for this year. I joined a group that each member is doing a Lyric Track for a song they've chosen. When all is said and done those who have contributed will have access to almost 300 completed Lyric Tracks to utilize in their display. I gotta say I'm loving xLights. The built in Papagayo is awesome. Especially with all of the characters (faces) that have been graciously submitted. This is my submission ( The audio has a weird echo to it from the screen recorder) but you'll get the idea...
  11. This will probably be the last year I'll be using my dumb node Holiday Coro faces. I'm switching over to xLights and the faces used on the P10 panels are incredible. The P10 matrix I'm building this year will take the place of the "main" singer in my group for some of the songs. So, I'll be posting my "for sale" post next year
  12. I haven't received the my order yet so I emailed them if they could combine this order with the previous order to reduce the shipping...and they did
  13. Got the email. Got my refund. They now have strobe strings in Red, Green and Blue. So of course I had to order those too
  14. Is the color light board able to be connected to a laptop or only desktop computer? I have already ordered two BBB and octoscroller. But I want to run snippits of video too. The BBB and octoscroller s weren't that expensive so if I need to put them.on a shelf for a smaller project I can. I still haven't received my P10 panels yet so I'm trying to see what the BEST option is at this point before I start building. Thanks!
  15. So is it better to get a color light board or just run the matrix with the BBB/octoscroller or Pi
  16. When you have color night vision cameras. So when I'm not home I can watch the show to make sure everything is working like it's supposed to in glorious 4k . Black and White night vision cameras are Sooooo 1980's...
  17. I have a drone but I also video with my phone ( Galaxy Note 8) on a tripod. Takes great video... I would ask your neighbor if you could film from their porch.
  18. Already ordered 4 of the distro 8 boards. Don't know how many I'll need. I'm adding around 4,000 more pixels to my display this year too. So I'll probably need to use them all....
  19. Well.... I'm getting on the P10 panel bandwagon. Just ordered a 36 panel kit and an extra P10 scroller and BBB from .http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=75&products_id=461 Going to make two matrix. One 2x4 for the Tune To sign and MIIP info. The other will be a 3x9 for my kitchen window. Guess I got almost 300 posts to read through to get an idea of what to do...
  20. I currently have (5) Alphapix 16 and (1) Alphapix 4 and a Pixlite 16 controller and am getting an addition 2 Alphapix 16 for this season. Each Alphapix controller is capable of driving 2 universes per output (pixel packing) for each of the 16 outputs for a total of 32 universes. It can also control an additional 1,536 channels through the its 3 RS485 Outputs (512 channels per RS485). So, total outputs/ universes is 19. But for simplicity I keep it to 1 universe per output (170 pixels max = 512 channels). Each Alphapix needs to have it own unique IP address which can be set up through its web i
  21. I have a 12 strip tree for three years now. And two years prior 12x50 pixel tree. I repurposed my pixel tree into some matrix's. The strip tree is great for images. But the pixel tree is great for effects. I prefer the look of strips personally. I even have them outlined to my house.
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