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  1. Well bug fixes happen with any software. But let’s face it LOR software is falling behind in the times. Moving head lights aren’t new, there’s no reason a model for them cannot be represented. It’s like BB and Pi have been around for awhile now and 2 simple programs like scheduler and play editor should be ported for them. Lor needs to press forward, there shouldn’t be multiple versions of software levels either, I think that’s a poor decision on their end, it chases people away because they don’t want to spend money on lights that they can’t work without special licenses or per channel l
  2. You would need to create a new preview for the prop, I don’t believe there is any other way to currently do it.
  3. Personally I’d like to see a model added for moving head lights that we can utilize them more easily, one that actually shows movement and color of the light in our preview. Right now moving head lights are just a bunch of blobs on the screen and no help at all. Also how about a show player for Beaglebone and Raspberry Pi, both can already handle LOR dongles for those that use them. Just something that is long overdue I think. Doesn’t need to be fancy, just functional. Add a menu option for exporting sequences to a USB drive or whatever. The option should move all required files use
  4. Are they surviving the weather? I heard they pretty much die once any moisture hits them. I see you're back east so you're getting moisture every morning. Just wondering how they're holding up without any enclosure.
  5. You can use cheaper ones but you'll need to make waterproof covers for them using clear pvc globes. It's not very hard to do. I wouldn't expect them to last 20 years but I'm sure they'll hold up alright, others use them. The worst part of using them is LOR is crippled when trying to sequence them because it doesn't have any way to model them in a preview to show movement so you actually need to have a light sitting next to you or be a total genius and just guess it's movements. I lost patience on the sequencing end of it all because of limitations with LOR and basically sat them aside. As far
  6. I've tried using them with LOR S5, can get them to work but sequencing them is pain staking as you don't have a model to show the lights actually functioning, so you basically either do them blind or sit them on the floor and sequence them. With another software I can see my lights working. Perhaps I have something wrong in S5 but very difficult to sequence a moving head that is stationary in a preview.
  7. My sequences are 30+ meg and I have 0 lag. I’m even running a cheapo $100 intel atom pc to run my show off, something LOR doesn’t even recommend. I run no LOR controllers so there is no USB used since my controllers are all run via ethernet. There has to be something else causing your lag or it’s a USB issue?
  8. Same here. The limitations are getting worse each year. I understand their logic in one way but in another it makes no sense. i understand they don’t want to hurt showplayer sales but really would supporting Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone do that? Let’s face it those 2 devices aren’t for the plug and play user so I can’t see them hurting sales much. I’ve ignored issues over the years with LOR but 5.3.x did it for me. Why they decided to do such abrupt and unnecessary changes was beyond belief. I feel they’re forcing everyone who uses pixels into Superstar and that is a direction I refus
  9. They need to make software for ARM devices like FPP to allow it to happen but I wouldn't hold my breath since they sell MP3 show players they don't want to harm those sales.
  10. I don’t believe the show player cares what version the files are created with. I know when I ran 5.0 beta I played all those sequences on a version 4 player also. Which btw plays 5.3.12 sequences perfectly. Now I can’t say if superstar stuff works because I don’t use it but se and pe are no problem.
  11. How to create Playback files with 5.3.x 1. Start control panel 2. Double click the light bulb to open the log window. 3. Right click the light bulb and open show editor 4. click musical and then add your sequences 5. click the options tab then be sure to tick Sequences are loaded before any are played. 6. save that show as something you'll remember easily. 7. close show editor 8. right click the light bulb and open Show on demand 9. select your show you created in step 6. 10. click OK and you'll see in the log window it'll begin creating playb
  12. You can save loads of power by learning to turn down intensity, either in the actual sequence or on the controller. I don't use Pixie controllers so no idea if it lets you turn it down on it. You should never ever need a 700Watt power supply unless you're planning on just driving your electric bill up. BTW even a larger power supply doesn't mean more pixels or lights, the boards are amp limited, period. Almost everyone runs no more than a 350 watt power supply with 12v pixels and injects if needed. Also as far as rain,snow or whatever goes, it doesn't bother anything as long as your contr
  13. I run 5.2.4 on my show PC I've been slowly converting my sequences with 5.3.10, which sadly meant redoing them. Anyhow, I run every 5.3.10(11 sequences) without issue on my 5.2.4 machine. I have 0 lag on any sequences. Also you don't need to roll back versions to create the sequence files. How to create Playback files with 5.3.x 1. Start control panel 2. Double click the light bulb to open the log window. 3. Right click the light bulb and open show editor 4. click musical and then add your sequences 5. click the options tab then be sure to tick Sequences are loade
  14. I run mine off a cheap mini pc with a cheapo Intel Atom in it, I paid $120 for. I'd use a raspberry pi but LOR don't support it.
  15. Why are you using a different ip for every universe? You're making things hard on yourself doing that. Each controller should have it's own IP assigned and those universes assigned to it's IP
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