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  1. I to am new to this, I found the video forum's most helpful.you can find them under support from main page But I have other question how did you get some from these other members I am stuck with I had ideas of my lights bur every sequence is the the thing just different songs. If there is anyone out there interested in helping I would really appreciate the help.
  2. this is very helpfull thank you.
  3. to add second controller what is needed add how do I hook up, do I need a second usb.
  4. Is the plastic case big enough that comes with starter kit
  5. I have right now a new 16 channel complete PC setup. Can I buy just the ctb16pc card or do I have to buy whole controller with box. I thought I had read somewhere that you can put a extra card in the same box .
  6. msavage


    Thanks for the info the help file was the best way to follow, for anyone in future.
  7. Thanks for all the help from everyone, I did go with video card merged and its works perfectly.
  8. how do I hook up 2 monitors one to see seq. and other to see vis.
  9. msavage


    I am a new at this and for some reason I don't understand the program and how to make it show me my house when i run sequence editor.
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