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  1. I have a Pixie 8D that has a firmware issue.  I was attempting to upgrade the firmware with only this controller on the network from 1.04 to 1.06.  during the update it created many errors and now it comes up in the hardware utility as BootLoader-Pix08.  If i try to load the firmware again, the hardware utility crashes.  The led is now flashing at half the rate it would be if it was not connected to a network.  PLEASE HELP!


  2. I recently upgraded to S5 and started a new show.  So far, things are going ok, but I noticed another "bump in the road"  I am running a pixie 8 controller with firmware version 1.99 what allows me to run in stand alone.  I noticed that the Hardware utility requires a .las extension which I no longer have since I upgraded to S5.1.4.  How can I "export" my sequence to my Pixie 8 for stand alone mode??

  3. I have a file that was successfully upgraded from S4 to S5.  I have been able to create props with 5.1.2 without issue.  Once I upgraded to 5.1.4, I am not able to create a new "Prop".  I receive errors of channel conflicts.  Once i delete the duplicate items, my pixels are archived and my "prop" does not show up in the "track" area.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

  4. I am attempting to add more items to my preview.  My file started in S4 and I "imported" it into S5.  Things were going OK, but when I added another tree I noticed that it did not have the correct number of pixels in it.  When I deleted the tree, I noticed that my Pixels 1-48 are now missing on that channel.  Any ideas how I can get these back?  (They are NOT archived). 

  5. I think I am chasing the fix  it appears that I have a copy that has been corrupt.  I appreciate your assistance.  Hoping to get this lined out. 

    BTW  I have a 360 star as well at the top of the tree.  I do not see a "template" for a 360 star.   If there is one available, can you point me as to where I can find one?

    THANKS for all of your HELP!


  6. yes it does show up on the pixel grid.  I am not sure how to answer the next question "Motion Effects or channel level".  I will try to tell you how I built it on manually in 4.3.  I manually went in and manipulated each pixel by its self and used copy / paste to speed up the process.  If I go to the "Grid" and expand the pixie port it will show the name "tree" next to the pixel information.  Hope that helps give more info so you can be more familiar with my set up.

  7. Thank you for helping me through that hurdle!  My RGB Strips now show up  Thanks!

    Now to the next road block.

    I have setup a tree which contains 2 runs of 100 addressable LED's (WS2801).  These worked and showed up on my Visualizer on 4.3 but I can not seem to get these to show up on the Previews inside 5.1.2 for the life of me.  I will include a snap shot of my config for that "Prop" Definition"  Any suggestions as to what I can do would be a great help.  Thanks again!


  8. I just upgraded to 5.1.2 and imported my sequence.  When I try to use the "previews" area, I am able to add my pixels but when I play my sequence it does not show the pixels "playing"   As a test, I reopened my original sequence and allowed it to "import" my pixels and places them at the bottom of the page.  when I play it, the pixels will "play".  if I move a existing pixel, it will allow me to move it but when I add one, it will not work.  any ideas?

  9. I have a Ws2801 adaptor which acts as a intelegent RGB pixel which I have a LED RGB string attached to.  The net result is that I have 1 pixel of 3 channels (RGB) which controls a LED strip that goes around the whole window.  I was able to create this in version 4.3 visualizer but i can not find it in the new version.   BTW NONE of the pixels that I create with the new software (my tree fro example) show up as weill.


  10. I just now moved up to 5.1 from 4.3 software.  I imported my sequence (went fine).  I have tried several attempts to add to my preview some items.  I have noticed that if I allow the software to create a preview automatically, it will place all of the pixels on the bottom and they do work.  If I try to create my own. they will not "play" during the preview.  I also am having issues (which may be related) in drawing a square which is controlled by 1 RGB pixel (RGB strip adapted).  Any ideas as to what I may not be doing correctly?  Please see attached to this a pic of one of my addiditons to the preview. 


  11. I am learning and starting to use Visualizer for my 2018 show.  I have a Tree that is made up of 2 strands of 100 pixels each (200 total).  These pixels are operating on port 1 and 2 of my Pixel 8 board without issue.  I am trying to create a visual tree on VI software.  I have tried the CCR Draw wizard but it only allows 50 pixels.  I have searched but I can not find anything else that will allow me to create the "strings" that I need using up to 100 pixels per strand (RGB of course).  Any ideas on how to get his done?

    I also have a 360 degree star that I have also created with the ws2801 pixels which also us using 2 strings of 100 each Port 3 and 4 of my board (200 total). 

    Any help would be great!

  12. Ok I really admit I am not well versed with this software.  I have reached out already, but I am trying again.  I need to ADD more channels to my existing sequence.  Please see pics.  I do not remember how I created the "groups" etc.  the 1st pic is my pre-existing sequence and the second pic shows what happens when I create a new sequence etc.  ANY ANY help would be great.

    Sequence Editor Sequence.JPG

    Sequence Editor Sequence-2.JPG

  13. Thank you for your patience with me.  I seem to have a brain lock on remembering how I built my sequence last year.  When I create a "NEW" 8 port sequence it does not look like what I am used to.  Please referr to the pics I have attached so you can see what I am talking about.  I also am wanting to confirm that I can "export / import" all of my work from the pre-existing work when I only had 4 channels to work with. 

    One again..  thank you thank you for your patience with me!



  14. I have a Pixie 8.  Last year, I created a sequence using the 1st 4 "channels".  I just upgraded to Standard which says I can use all 8 now.  What I want to do is load my sequence from last year (which uses only 4) and add 4 more ( 6-8) so that I can add more LED's to my existing sequence.  My sequence only shows "ports" 1 to 4.

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