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  1. Would anyone be willing to help me out, looking for maria carey all i want for christmas. i have 112 channels,16 channel spiral tree. looking for this sequence,ran out of time and wife really wants it. any amount of channels sequence will help, doesnt have to be a 112 channel sequence. any help is unbelievably appreciated. email stumason126@gmail.com
  2. Id love a copy. Ive been so swamped at work I havent had a chance to start this one. Thank you if you could send no a copy. stumason126@gmail.com
  3. Hey james can you shoot me a copy please, really liked your beetlejuice seq you sent. Thanks in advance. stumason126@gmail.com
  4. Id like to check it out. Im looking for upbeat for the last week before tear down starts, thanks. stumason126@gmail.com
  5. Id like them as well please. stumason126@gmail.com. thanks
  6. If still sharing id love a copy, beautiful song. stumason126@gmail.com
  7. Can i get a copy if you get time? Wifes been on me for this and just dont have the time as im working on another few sequences. Much appreciated. stumason126@gmail.com
  8. Hey sarge,again , if you have some time, can you share your griswold intro with me? stumason126@gmail.com. id appreciate it.
  9. Hey sarge, my wife would love this, can you send a copy my way please. stumason126@gmail.com. thanks in advance And wanted to add, your timings are always dead on, envy you my man!
  10. I love this somg. Can i please have a copy?? Thanks alot! In advance. stumason126@gmail.com
  11. If its not too much trouble may i have a copy. I have no techno songs. Thanks in advance. stumason126@gmail.com
  12. Id like copies please, thank you. stumason126@gmail.com
  13. I have 96 channels also, would be greatly appreciated if i could get a copy. Thank you, stumason47@gmail.com
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