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  1. Just picked up a skeleton band and I haveTwo questions does anyone have vis file for the skeleton band, guitar player, dancer, and drummer, and is willing to share does anyone have channel configuration for such group and my third question is, I know I said two any video or even a sequence they would like to share any and all help is greatly appreciated kingfish824@gmail.com larry
  2. This year I plan to move to s5, right now I am running on one laptop v4.4.6 pro, and I just downloaded v5.5.16 pro on another laptop. my plan in my mind is to use both like I see some doing here my main show runs 24 lor old school 16 channel v3 boxes for Xmas and Halloween this year I would like to add two sets of arches . 4 arches in each set, I could use them for halloween and Xmas both one set is lor ccp that I picked up years ago 2 boxes, each box has 2 strands of lights each 50 ccp also I picked up last year holiday Cora 4 arch setup of ribbons so my dabble into pixels is small , but I am clueless on how to approach this. But I got till October to figure this out hopefully with some help.
  3. I always run until orthodox Xmas or three king days as some called it here, just finished up with most 95%, still have controllers and cords , rebar ect, ect I do keep my snowmen, 20 blowmold and wireframe , in my front yard till the end of February , then up go my Easter bunnies blowmolds
  4. James I am a little confused which is not hard to do do you have this for the lor singing trees or is this pixel if old school I would be very grateful for a copy, and as usual I will not share with anyone and agree that by changing a few channels it dos not make it mineI agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share thank you kingfish824@gmail.com larry
  5. I have the audio file which I’m sure a lot of people do, but has anybody done the faces so would love a copy larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  6. I will be using s4 and superstar
  7. Does any one have a four arch rgb 50 pixel each arch viz file that they are willing to share i tried building one not working for me. greatly appreciated larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  8. Can I please get another copy old Comp corrupted many files, did a quote easier to copy, I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private,personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine thank you for sharing larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  9. I am down to one sequence I cannot find anywhere, please if you have or know anywhere to pick this guy up let me know or am willing to share, it’s an oldie but a goodie, maybe to old that’s why I can’t find it. Or if you have it without faces I can use that also to save time on other 104 channels please help will be eternal grateful larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  10. I wanted to add some pixels this year in arches , but having a lot of problems, so i decided to do halloween on my new laptop and play with s5 on my old laptop hoping to sert up xmas show in s5 then if it all works out move s5 to new laptop. any sugestions on vidios or anything to help me get this rolling
  11. jim all that gave me was alot of comp talk thanx anyway its a new day tomorow start again thanx
  12. I was going off the arch wizard you have to click right or left
  13. Okey let me get this straight pix 1.———pix 50–box pix 1——— pix 50. These are old style ccp Left. Right correct ? audiance view
  14. Setting up rgb arches in vis looking at viz with two arches and I have box in center and I want no 1 pixel next to box is the arch on the left a right or left no 1 new to pixel and confused
  15. When all done it ended up comm3 after downloading driver. dell laptop picked up late last year could not get setup in time used old last year want new this year, thanx for all the help 1st problem solved
  16. James is this for four faces if so please may I have a copy if not never mind, but thank you for sharing i Agra to not sell or share this sequence with anyone this request will be used for my private personal use on my show only I also understand the mere fact of jacking changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in my sequences does not make it mine to share. Kingfish824@gmail.com
  17. I have had the ccp,s two units , two strings each , 100 total each , for a while 5 years or so. Picked up holiday Cora four rgb pixel ribbon strip arch kit last February, trying to add to my channel lineup, cannot figure it out , looked for video on utube , no luck. Tried by adding device, but I am missing something. Does anybody know of a video that would help me, or any other clues . thank you for any advice larry
  18. Got driver installed thank you to all who gave advice greatly appreciated taking a break but I am sure I’ll be back in a bit with another question thanx again
  19. If I click on it my only choice is to remove device
  20. Okey here is what’s going on under other devices I have FT23R USB UART Driver is unavailable when I unplug my usb 485 it disappeared please help with next step I am basically computer stupid to add
  21. Okey updated everything I thought would work for me what I have is a bunch of gen 3, 2ccp each with 2-50 which I hope to get working this year also I picked up a holiday Cora 4 ribbon arch also hope to get running this year. do I want this new laptop set at comm 1 or comm 3 lets start there
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