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  1. Would love a copy of this for the daycare kids Thanks kbbjrs@yahoo.com
  2. Sorry for being a pain but would a copy just cant get the face figured out thanks Brian kbbjrs@yahoo.com
  3. May I please have a copy? kbbjrs@yahoo.com thank you
  4. Would love a copy and any help with the sing faces thanks brian
  5. Built my first mega tree and looking for some help. Different ways to put it in your sequences make it dance different ways. thanks kbbjrs@yahoo.comm
  6. WOULD LOVE A COPY kbbjrs@yahoo.com THANKS
  7. Let it Go-2015.lms · 1.88 MB this is the file I got its everthing but the face sorry and thank again
  8. Hi Bill would you please share frozen with me thanks kbjrs@yahoo.com my wife has a day care and the kids would love it thanks
  9. would love a copy if your still sharing thanks kbbjrs@yahoo.com
  10. WOULOD LOVE A COPY OF OZZY THANKS kbbjrs@yahoo.com hwat other sing face do you have thanks
  11. would love a copy thanks kbbjrs@yahoo,com
  12. Hi all if anyone is willing to share there sing faces with me it would be great thank kbbjrs@yahoo.com
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