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  1. Yes you can, there is a photo of how LOR mounts the power and the controller in the same enclosure on the store website. They now sell it as a complete package. The power supply is mounted sideways and the controller on the back wall. There is a mounting plate that they use which several people have asked about, but nothing confirming that they are for sale yet.
  2. Any chance of sharing again? BenochambersMA@gmail.com
  3. mcha

    Power Cord

    If you go the SPT route, remember that there is a difference in the vampire plugs as well. Make sure they match your cord - spt-1 cord and spt-1 plugs.
  4. Did you maintain the same channels or modify those to match the new layout? If you modified the channels, go into that sequence, copy channels and import the channel config into the others. You'll need to do it for each sequence.
  5. I would like an ignore button for just certain people.... If you can get that to work for people that aren't even members of this site, that would be a miracle and you would be very rich! If I had that feature for my second boss, I would probably still have a job there.
  6. Davey Jones is asking for the funding. Doesn't he have a locker at the bottom of the ocean somewhere? I would feel a little better if his name was John Doe, a less common name and more believable.
  7. mcha


    There is a Weber Tree prop to use out there. Search the forum and you will be able to download it. The second part is how you set up your tree. With the 32 channels and 4 colors, I would look at having two colors alternate going clockwise and two colors alternate going counter-clockwise. To do this, you would place the first weber tree in Viz and copy it. Then mirror the copied tree and place it over your original tree. There are other ways of doing the set-up, but I think this would give you the most freedom to create different effects.
  8. Fully agree. But if you also want to enjoy a burger and a cold beer while lighting up the night sky with RWB, go ahead!
  9. Bill, Would you mind sharing? Kids are looking for another song for the show this year and they laugh at just the words! Would be great to add the lights. Thanks Mark
  10. If you are just getting into this and need some time to understand the concepts, how channels, effects, and what you want your display to do. The best thing you have done is ask the question. Read the forums and search youtube for different shows. Everyone will give you advice, it's free. Take the advice and understand what works best for you. Straight LED lights and controllers are the easiest to learn and maintain, it will get progressively harder as you get into Dumb RGB and finally smart pixels. Some will do different effects and others won't be able to do it at all. I have three sets
  11. Draw your first string, double click and assign it a name it 'whatever' under new fixture when the prompt appears. Draw second string, double click and assign it to the 'whatever' under existing tag when the prompt appears. From there you can assign the channel. I think that is what you are looking for?
  12. The other thread regarding the sale has some insight on the shipping methods and it is a little more complex than FIFO. My confirmation was 4 mins into the sale and got word today of shipment next week.
  13. They are working feverishly - just received my notification.
  14. A lot faster than lights from some other vendors during their sales! Last year I had received my order about two weeks after the sale.
  15. My confirmation e-mail was at 8:04 CST, so there should only be about 480 orders in front of mine.
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