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  1. I had this issue last year and cleared it up but here we go again. This year I'm running xLights and using a Falcon f16v2r to run my LOR controllers. I have been told that you don't need to make a crossover cable and I have also been told that you do. So I tried it both ways. No luck. So next I cut the Falcon controller out of the loop, and connected my USB-485 adapter and tried to find my controllers that way. Still no luck. Can anyone help me out here. BTW, when connected to the Falcon controller, the first LOR controller stops blinking and stays on steady like it has found the netwo
  2. Thanks Bob. I figured it out. Apparently I had deleted a"/". It's working now. Thank you.
  3. I just watched John Storm's video on using audacity to bring timings into LOR SE. I watched from start to finish and even paused a few times to take notes. Next, I created a new sequence, and following the instructions in the video, I brought timings for the beats into my new sequence. Wheeeeee, this is fun. Until I open the sequence and I get the error message: "Unterminated end tag". So does anyone know what that means? I'm not an IT guy, but I'm a quick study.
  4. I just watched the video, pausing from time to time to take notes. I thought that I followed all of the instructions to the letter, but...when I tried to open my new sequence, I got an error message: "Unterminated end tag". Can you tell me where I went wrong?
  5. While I have your attention, does anyone have any idea why portions of my LED strings would stay lit? They're plain old LED's, hooked up to my LOR controllers and a portion of the LED's stay lit 24-7. The strings work just fine during the sequence. They come on, fade, and even shimmer (kind of) but when they're supposed to be off, some of them are still lit. It's not the entire string just some of the lights.
  6. I may need to check my receptacle also. This is an old house and I've found receptacles that weren't grounded.
  7. I found the post you're talking about Jim. I mentioned the strips and the pixel strings in the same post but they are different types. My strips are 6803 and my pixel string is 2811. And yes they are set up that way on the controller. The 6803's are universe 1 starting with address number 1. The 2811's are universe 2 starting with address number 301. I'm going to get my meter out and check to see if I have lost my data line somehow.
  8. I know I shouldn't assume but...my 2811's work just fine other than that whole glowing red thing. I have discovered that if I plug in one of my non-working strips and power everything back up, the glowing stops.
  9. Apparently I guessed correctly. On one side of the PCB I can see +12V, CI (I think) and GND.
  10. Hi David. Mine are marked "+12V", "DI", "CI", and "GND" which makes it easy to translate to the controller. I'm completely befuddled here. The good news is I have new strips on the way. Did you see my question about the 2811 pixels glowing red? Other than that, they work great.
  11. In relation to the question about my 2811 pixels, is there an "in" and "out" to those? The wires going in seem to be connected at the same point. On the strips, it's clearly marked "CI" and "DI" for the clock and data "in" and "CO" and "DO" for the clock and data "out".
  12. My strips must be smoked then. I have new ones on the way. But as for my second question, why would my WS-2811 pixels (12mm round, 12vdc) come on a very dim red? When they are supposed to be lit in the sequence, they are lit. But when they are supposed to be off, they are dimly lit red. Very dim, but lit, nonetheless. Any ideas? And thank you, by the way for your help.
  13. My LPD 6803's come on white and stay on when I plug them into my Sandevices E682. They worked at one time. I had them in my garage, hooked up with just plain phone wire about 30 feet long. I have 2 strips plugged in, end-to-end. At that length there were some slight color issues toward the end of the strips but they worked okay. Then I ordered some 4 conductor wire and took them out to the front yard and hooked them up and all they do is come on and stay on. I assume this could be a wiring issue. Maybe when I re-wired these, I somehow got the wires crossed. My question is: can I try d
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