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  1. I sent it to Brian @ superstarlights I resent the email and it has a link to download the video.
  2. Brian, Wondering if the video came out ok? Thanks, Mike
  3. Brian, I am going to send you a link in an email of a video to show what is happening. Thanks, Mike
  4. Hello, I am trying to utilize Superstar to export legacy format. However when I do this, it only exports 50 pixels instead of the 800 pixels in my mega tree or 1152 in my matrix. Works fine in sequencer when integrated, but when exporting the LMS, I only get the 50 pixels. I assume it has to do with a visualization file, which is now exported as an lpeprop, but SS doesn't like that as an import option. Am I missing something? How do I use the export as legacy to export the LMS version?
  5. Ok, so I am not going to try to explain this situation for my sanity and some agreement that I might not be crazy. This year I used LOR 4.4.14 (Latest s4), and Ran my show all Christmas Just fine, everything working well on E1.31 network. I got this brilliant idea I wanted to upgrade to s5 latest version and add some songs. Imported all my sequences into S5 and set them all up on my laptop (mac w/ vm). I decided that today was the day. Shut down my show on S4, still plugged in outside, and uninstalled S4. Copied the Light-O-Rama folder to a new name and started what I thought wa
  6. Ok, I think I figured it out now. The pixel editor preview is different than my new preview which I thought I had to create. Therefore, everything didn't import correctly the first time.
  7. In order to import Pixel Editor props, do i have to match the groups used in the pixel editor?
  8. Ok, I created my preview in S5 and having an issue importing. I created a Welcome Sign ("Tune To") Sign that is 162 pixels. 9x18. I tried to import the sequence into S5 and it is showing that two pixels are not associated ("archived"). I attached the prop and the import slides. Any idea on what to check next?
  9. I am wondering if anyone has tried to install both S4 and S5 on the same machine? Is this possible or do I need to remove S4 to work with S5?
  10. Yes, I solved the problem by creating a new account and it worked fine. I don't know why the original account won't let the software create the required folders.
  11. Hello, I am trying to install LOR 4 on a macbook (MacOS using Parallels and Windows 10 virtual machine and can't complete the installation. The error I am getting is \\Mac\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama cannot be created. Then a message that Light-O-Rama has not been correctly installed. Is there any article or forum entry that would help? Thanks, Mike.
  12. What I mean is where lms is associate with the sequencer and opens when you double click the lms file. Thanks, Mike
  13. Hello, I recently installed S4, the latest version on a new computer. It used to associate file types with the various apps (Sequencer, Pixel Editor, Superstar, etc...) However, that didn't seem to happen. Is this a known problem? Is there a fix? Thanks, Mike White Buck Light Show
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