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  1. I'll take a look at that. I actually have that version, I just haven't updated my avatar. :) Thanks for the info.
  2. Ok, that makes sense. So, to match that in the preview, would it be correct to leave it as it is with the default selections? My only concern/thought was that when you looked at it in the wiring view it shows it as 6 different strings. I know I could simply test this, but my star isn't quite done yet, and I was just trying to get ahead of the game. Thanks again for all your help.
  3. From what I've read on the specs for the Pixcon 16 is that in E1.31 mode, each output can handle 2 universes. Which, with my math, would equate to 1024 channels. At 270 nodes, I get a total of 810 channels. My hangup right now is with the build in preview. With the preset Nested Star it only asks for how many "exact nodes" on each star/layer, not how many nodes on each strand. Or any options for using one strand on more than one layer. I'm new to S5 this year, so it may just be me not knowing how to build it in the preview. For the tree, I'm using 100 node strands with 1 fold in each that makes 50 nodes on each run up the tree. I was able to model that exactly how it will be wired in reality, but I didn't see any similar options for the star.
  4. Hey there, I think I'm on the right track, but wanted to confirm this before I continue. My goal is to have a 6 layer nested star (70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20) using 100 node strings sit atop my pixel tree (So, 2-100 node strings and a third with only 70). I have a Pixcon 16 (running in E1.31) driving both the tree and the star. Can I connect all three strands of the star together and be able to assign all of the channels properly? I'd like to end up with one cable coming down the tree from the star. These are 12v WS2811 pixel strands. The actual star isn't quite finished yet, so I can't physically put the pixels in the prop just yet to test them. But I wanted to get a jump on the concept. I've tried building the prop in the Preview and I think I've got the universes and channels right, but when I look at the wiring view, it shows 6 separate strands (one for each star layer) instead of one long, 270 node strand. Is that just how the Preview shows it? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Mine is significant. For instance, if I adjust the volume of a normal FM station to a comfortable listening level and then change stations to mine you wouldn't be able to hear mine at all. You would have to turn up the radio volume significantly in order to hear my music. Then, if you switched to any other FM station, your eardrums would instantly explode. It does. It's done through some buttons on the front and side. However, when doing that, it overdrives the input and I end up with severely distorted audio. I am using the Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0. Which transmitter do you use? It's possible. I'll let you know for sure when my new one gets here. Out of curiosity, which FM transmitter do you use?
  6. Ok, I was able to get the LOR slider to show up and it was at 100%, but still had very low volume coming out of the radio. That was with all sliders (LOR and the master) set to their max. I now feel like I have a defective fm transmitter. As a test, I connected my phone to the transmitter and it too was very low as compared to other stations on the same radio. I have a new transmitter coming and it should be here in the next few days. I’m guessing your transmitter has the same volume (or close to it) as compared to other “real” fm stations? Thanks for your continued help.
  7. I'll give that a look. I've been to the mixer before, but don't remember seeing a slider that is labeled LOR Monitor. Do you have to do something to get it to appear?
  8. Sorry, I've been super busy lately. I'll send this to you tomorrow when I get home from work.
  9. So, the last two years I’ve been having a problem with the volume coming out of my FM transmitter (Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0) being extremely low compared to other FM stations. I think I figured out that the problem was a bad cable going between the computer and the transmitter. When I play an audio file from Windows Explorer the volume is decent and it sounds good on an FM radio However, when I open the same audio file in the sequence editor and play it from there, it’s remarkably lower than playing it from Explorer, which causes the user to have to turn the radio up an obscene amount just to be able to hear it. I’m using a Sound Blaster Z sound card and the computer sounds sound fine through the radio, it’s just audio coming from the SE. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. I've done Carol of the Bells, but it was the Mannheim Steamroller version, not the David Foster one. It's also for 32 channels, not 64, but you're welcome to it if you'd like it.
  11. I'm a traditionalist myself. My friend and I do a big Haunted House in his neighborhood every year for Halloween and several of the years the neighborhood tried to get the City to celebrate Halloween on whatever weekend was closest to the 31st. We disagreed and refused to run the Haunted House on any day except the 31st. Their plan ultimately failed and we won. For me, leave it be.
  12. I would love a copy of this sequence as well if possible. Thanks in advance! joshjonas@gmail.com
  13. If you still have this sequence, I would love to get a copy if possible. Thanks so much! joshjonas@gmail.com
  14. Can I please get a copy of this as well? I just need the LOR version if possible. Thanks so much! joshjonas@gmail.com
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